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About DMarket

DMarket is a platform that seeks to securely trade in-game items that come out of packs to help developers earn more money and increase their game value for a long time.
There are similar platforms. This platform is distinguished by blockchain technology. It is aimed to unlock a multi-billion dollar skin economy for game developers and gamers on all platforms. They appeal to 2.5 billion players and create an atmosphere of trust between games and platforms.
This platform also collaborates with Twitch. It allows users who watch the broadcasts of the broadcasters they have contracted with on twitch to earn 20 XP and random NFT airdrops per hour. There are 1-3 NFTs according to the box in the NFTs, you can sell the NFTs you have collected or you can create packages containing NFT by making new crafts under the broadcast of the broadcaster you have watched.
Thanks to all these, it is aimed to increase the viewing rate of the broadcasts by not only protecting the rights of the broadcasters, but also giving awards to the audience. In this system, publishers can send special gifts to their users who follow them here, as well as they earn. There is no specific time for drop drop, sometimes 2-3 drops can be dropped in 5-10 minutes, sometimes the process can be prolonged. For this, you can view the broadcasts on the website via the Streams tab.

  • Built on ledger technology for transparent, secure transactions. This platform can process all transactions in real time using machine-generated algorithms and artificial intelligence-based predictions for pricing, demand and availability.
  • Thanks to the technology used by DMarket, it offers speeds of up to 3,000 transactions per second, which makes it easy for users to trade smoothly. Blockchain continues to run smoothly even in case of danger, such that 1/3 of the nodes in the network are disabled. DMarket's blockchain is written in the Rust programming language, which works without segmentation errors. It provides enhanced security for this platform.
  • Using DMarket, you can observe your collections, craft crafts and get new items, use these items for new NFT packages in the struggles section, or you can sell them.
  • DMartket considers both its user and its publisher by giving you additional rewards at the end of the season in the ranking you enter according to the XP you earn by creating seasons. Thus, they can catch a loyal broadcast follower.
  • You are not charged for selling or canceling the sale, but your share is deducted from your sales.