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About DMarket

DMarket is essentially a blockchain-based global marketplace that allows users to transform in-game items into real-world commodities.

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facilitates the tokenization of assets on the blockchain

Video game platforms provide users with the ability to enjoy multiple forms of entertainment. But in addition to that, players could securely earn income as participants in a virtual gaming product…See more

DMarket (DMT), facilitates trading of virtual gaming goods, generating revenue and being an easy means for payments.

DMarket (DMT) is developed as an innovative project for fans of cryptographic games, it has a trading platform for game elements, items and NFT tokens, thus generating a good ecosystem for…See more

About DMarket

The virtual gaming industry is growing faster than ever, with an estimated total of 2.3 billion players and a turnover of over $ 100 billion. However, smooth and comfortable trading of virtual items…See more