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DreamTeam Token

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designed for sports fans

Esports have caused quite a stir with fans, sponsors and advertisers; Especially today with the inability to attend physical sporting events due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is hitting the world…See more

DreamTeam Token: is a project that seeks a better linkage with sports.

DreamTeam Token (DREAM): is a project that seeks a better linkage with sports virtually, improving and sponsoring any type of physical sport, is a project that seeks that people passionate about…See more

DreamTeam Token (DREAM)

DreamTeam Token (DREAM), is based on a crypto currency which offers technologies for SPORTS and GAMES, also this project provides payment platforms, where players can get their game rewards, make…See more

electronic sports and online games

By specializing in the eSports and games market, you have long-term potential if your Marketing does its job and the features that are implemented are getting better, so that players are comfortable…See more