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Review on DXdao by Mismo Monster

DXdao on the go

There is something very attractive in tokens with little circulation and little total supply. The potential for quick capitalization!

At the time of publishing this review, DXdao has only 49,191 circulating of the total of 148,976 tokens. With this, he has managed to position himself at number 433 on CoingGecko.

One of the purposes of DXD is "Reduce trading fees on DEX protocols".

Its two dominant pairs on exchanges are USDT and ETH, although CoinEx and FatBTC are what they offer for BTC; This feature gives the Asser the ability to grow when the market is up and take refuge in a stable currency when the market is down. And when BTC volatility goes from strength to strength, jump from one DEX to another paying little.

Although one of DXdao's future objectives is to allow access to a "Suite of services and premium features in decentralized applications". Mesa, Omen, MIX and DXswap; The 4 Dapps currently powered by this project, I don't find them attractive. They may be useful, but similar Dapps already exist, driven by projects with a longer history. But that is not reason enough to deny an opportunity.

In my opinion, the capitalization of the token has already generated profits. With some of them, whoever is behind the project, can invest more in the development of their website. The portal feels poor. In the hyperlinks you do not find convincing content.


  1. In the upper right part of the web page; The Codebase link there is only something like a Github Repository, but it doesn't take me to Github; Although the white paper is on Github since july 12, 2019.
  2. On Brand Assets link, I find the downloadable logos of the Dapps and although it is fine for the marketer, but the Branding Kit label would be less deceptive.
They may have chosen a basic style. Where the central is the product and not the packaging. The container is not so important when the content is good. But things like that arouse curiosity.
I consider that the utility of DXdao lies in trading, it is excellent to transfer and earn. Although I have my reservations with the ecosystem.
The project will surely improve with the help of the community, that is one of the advantages of the governance that DXdao offers.

Pros & cons

  • I see valuable that being an Erc-20 token, the project domain is in eth.
  • 4 Dapps powered by DXdao
  • Minimalism is good. But the blank design of the website detracts from its modernity; Although utility is the important thing, it loses appeal for customers who are visual.
Ufuk Yıldırım
December 08, 2020
Hi, I really like What You wrote about DXdao review was very useful and thank you very much for teaching many users new information. Don't forget to add new information when you update review.