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About Electroneum

Electroneum is a blockchain-based mobile application for accessing crypto currencies. This application permits the users to send and receive payouts and also to manage and monitor their online funds. It can be accessed even by an ordinary user.

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Electroneum is innovative and promising project.

It is a digital currency that operates on its own blockchain, It bills itself as a mobile cryptocurrency. It is the first digital money in the UK. As a result, Electroneum has created an app that not only serves as a wallet but also performs mining...See full review

Electroneum incredible alternative with a ton of advantages when utilizing the digital currency.

Electroneum is a stage that is portrayed in the versatile world, determined to work on the buy, stockpiling and digging of digital forms of money for the overall population. Subsequently, getting ETN, which is the cryptographic money that drives...See full review

Basic yet hazardous

Electroneum is an undertaking made with blockchain innovation. I met Electroneum with versatile mining that I saw on youtube. I didn't look well at Electroneum on the grounds that they requested character affirmation. Electroneum is recorded on...See full review


Electroneum is the first portable computerized money aimed at something other than theoretical equipment. Trying to make crypto sources as basic as ever. The most innovative element of this work is the direct mining of ETN, which is an Electroneum...See full review

A Cryptocurrency Project That Aims To Help People Thrive In A Fast-Rising Digital Economy.

The first run through found out about electroneum was the point at which somebody went to my office and was examining it with my chief. In those days I never truly comprehended what they were saying about electroneum yet I was interested to...See full review

About Electroneum (ETN)

If we need to define Electroneum, we need to emphasize that it is a blockchain-based payment platform specially designed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones. Electroneum has some features, these are the first developments in the...See full review

Simple but unsafe

Electroneum is a project created with blockchain technology. I met Electroneum with mobile mining that I saw on youtube. I did not look very favorably at Electroneum because they asked for identity confirmation. Electroneum is listed on major...See full review

Electroneum: A Cryptocurrency Project That Aims To Help People Thrive In A Fast-Rising Digital Economy.

The first time heard about electroneum was when someone came to my office and was discussing it with my boss. Back then I never really understood what they were saying about electroneum but I was curious to find out what electroneum was all about....See full review

Electroneum wallet is good Choice for multitask payments and storing and using ETN

Electroneum wallet is utility wallet built to store specifically ETN coin. User can use Electroneum wallet to receive payments from anywhere in the world by using their unique ETN address. Etn wallet can be created using your email or direct login...See full review


In my article today, I will talk about another project, Electroneum. My favorite thing about these ETN tokens is that they really are billions. I can say that mining and other costs are incredibly low. They also have a very powerful web...See full review