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Review on ETG Finance by Stephen Toluwani

ETG Finance comes with a very Good Yield Farming program fr which users can earn up to 20% monthly interest.

ETG Finance or Ethereum Gold Finance is a Decentralized Finance Yield Farming project that comes with Integrations unseen in many Current Defi projects. The basic use case of ETG Finance is providing earning opportunities to it's community through it's different platforms. I was able to interact with the project using my Dapp browser on Trust wallet and I can say, the UI is quite detailed and easy to understand. Checking through it's platforms or programs from which I could earn from, I was able to interact with only the E-Staking program which comes with a good returns. I shall explain some of the yield farming opportunities that are very or will bevery profitable
1. E-Staking which involves one holding ETGF which then yields ETGF and ETG as rewards. Apart from supporting this said tokens, it also supported the staking of USDT, USDC, DAI, and BUSD. It comes with a minimum investment amount of 31 of any of the tokens. It also promises a 20% yield per month which is overwhelming.
2. E-Vault which is where users hold their tokens and the vault employed strategies to get the best yield farming opportunity available. On its webpage, it's said to get to be launched
3. E-Farm is another yield program for it's liquidity providers on Uniswap to earn ETGF

There are also other features of the ETG Finance Project.
1. E-Vote which is where the users exhibit governance power to improve the project and bring in new implementation and proposals. Checking through the Governance page, I saw that only 2 proposals have gone through it's Governance sitting. This indicates less interaction with the project Governance system although, it's Social media handle on Telegram is very active
2. E-Swap is a Decentralized protocol for token exchange that will help bridge ethereum and Binance Chain. This is a good step in the right direction for the project as this will definitely increase LP

Overall, it's quite a good project that has a good yield program and I really recommend it for it's yield program

Pros & cons

  • A Defi yield farming program that gives one of the best yield returns so far
  • Integrates different modals from which users could earn such as staking and LP farming
  • Staking on ETG Finance supports 5 cryptocurrencies to earn ETGF from
  • The link to the projects roadmap doesn't click. Which means, one can't see the progress of the project
  • It's native token is currently being traded on Uniswap only