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Review on EverGreenCoin by Douglas Cachazo

EverGreenCoin EGC: Project with a very clear mission and message to preserve the environment!

I consider myself an active defender of all environmental causes. The vast majority of us are the cause of the accelerated rate of destruction of our planet and paradoxically, a very small number of us are the defenders of its preservation. That is why from the outset I look favorably and definitely should support initiatives like this project, every project should in one way or another make an ecological contribution that should be part of what it should be. In this highly competitive and nurturing environment, there are cryptocurrencies oriented to use for games, or in financial markets, this Financial one enters others but from environmental activities, that is almost entirely apparent if we review its web portal. It is worth looking at. The project in charge of the EverGreenCoin foundation registered in the United States in 2017. At the service of the platform there is a device that works with solar energy and its function is to install the ecological Wallet Additionally, your Wallet is available on all mobile operating systems and PCs With which. You will be able to keep and earn rewards by sending or receiving the EverGreenCoin currency, another option is to use the paper wallet that operates as a paper currency or an invoice for the currency but you will be exempt from receiving a reward of 7% of annual capitalization daily for obvious reasons. By verifying your account (something that is optional) you will receive a reward of a small amount of EverGreenCoin To conclude, I report that the price of EverGreenCoin at the time of writing this review was around $ 0.028501 with a historical maximum of $ 1.07 reached in December 2017. Recommendation, there are many organizations and people that actively operate worldwide in favor of environmental conservation, putting the coin to their cause will give greater prominence to the project, in that sense, give information campaigns so that this message reaches that bulk of people, the fact becoming a Revain associate is already a good start.

Pros & cons

  • Ecological Project that we are all obliged to support
  • Good website
  • Beautiful initiative of which I can say nothing bad.