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Review on Fera by nurik buranbaev

If there are multiple users using your platform, you will not benefit from this.

This platform offers access to information on market trends, as well as benchmarks for other projects that have not yet risen in price. FERA is a service where they offer different types of investors commercial strategies that do not lend themselves to finding promising projects because of this description, and I also offer analysis and creation of a business strategy for a different period for financing. Is it necessary to pay for this type of service? To analyze a thousand projects, some users have more time for this than others, in particular FERA offers a real continuation, with official data: associated with this project, they collect all the information, a certain number of ERC20 tokens associated with this project, then create business perspective, in accordance with the analysis carried out, which are associated with the token, and in the end it remains only to develop a commercial strategy. If there are multiple users using your platform, you will not benefit from this, because they can purchase your services. Finally, I will tell you that success depends on you and how you will use this platform. I appeal to users: be careful !!

Pros & cons

  • This platform offers access to market trend information.
  • FERA offers a real sequel, with official data.
  • FERA is a service that offers different types of investors, commercial strategies.
  • Other users can purchase your services.