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About Fortuna

Fortuna is an ecological decentralized platform which consists of five functional roles including CoT maker, Trader, Quoter, Marker Maker and Delegate.

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Fortuna - The leader of its market?

Fortuna describes itself as the first blockchain project in OTC derivatives market field that offers solutions to address the centralized derivatives market choices, high risks, insufficient…See more

What I think about FORTUNA.

Fortuna is a decentralized blockchain platform with PrC (peer-to-peer transaction with a derivative) and PuC (every one can be market maker and create a new market for a new type of derivative…See more


This is a platform that allows the creation of commercial exchanges offering business solutions tailored to the needs of customers worldwide. However, its largest source of customers is located in…See more

Fortuna a safe and functional platform

Fortunately, an OTC derivatives market that works through the blockchain, a way to generate more efficiently and transparently the creation of OTC markets and contracts that give the market maker an…See more

A Blockchain Based Solution for the Global OTC Derivatives Market.

It has the advantage of being the first mover in this space. Like any industry, there will be competitors. Who is going to enter the same market and how are they going to fair against FOTA…See more