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Review on G999 by Victor Nnamah

G999; an instantaneous payment system.

In our modern world today, different technologies are designed day by day for the benefit of human life. In terms of online transactions, technologists designed a decentralized network to improve payment system

G999 is a block chain network with an ecosystem designed to improve online transactions, it features are mainly based on payments

G999 is a platform that offers fast transaction services with low fees, its transaction capacity is high, that is, it can carry out many transactions in a second. Its payment are on P2P based wallet with out the need of a third party which makes it secure and even offers voice call. It's a profitable investment platform immune to hacking, which means possibility of hacking is nearly

I have never experienced any negative effect on the use of its services and therefore recommend its

Pros & cons

  • Transactions are really fast.
  • It has a good security system.
  • High transaction capacity.
  • System allows voice calls.
  • Voice calls are mainly centralized.