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Review on G999 by Douglas Cachazo

G999: Platform that enables voice calls and payments

Young project fully decentralized under the blockchain that offers voice calls and a wallet to make person-to-person payments, developed under its own blockchain.

As you get deeper into the project you discover other functionalities such as email service, calls, mails and payments made under this platform are totally private, fast and secure, there are no intermediaries. The medium has been adopted by companies that are already using it for its benefits.

Something very positive is that behind the technology are the Masternode which makes its functionalities work quickly and securely, the project relies on its own cryptocurrency G999 already available in some exchanges, it is a deflationary currency since it can never be issued without control. There is a fixed number of coins, mining is based on masternode which makes it in what I call ecological mining, Each miner is assigned a virtual node in which there is a block copy, each process is done separately and finally the protocol unites them and plasma in the real blockchain, no powerful video cards or high power consumption is required, masternode always use block copies and so transactions are processed. When using masternode your computer becomes a node in which there will be a copy of block and from there you can create new coins or use to process transactions, you earn money by just putting your pc in the masternode network.

To enter or have a masternode you must deposit an amount of G999 and you will receive a configuration on your computer masternode, your computer must be able to configure a virtual server from which processes run, you can continue working on your computer and you do not even know what is happening internally in the virtual machine.

Pros & cons

  • Novel and innovative project on the blockchain.
  • Young but already used by many people and companies.
  • It relies on the novel technologies of the masternode
  • Blockchain and proprietary currency the G999
  • Completely private calls, e-mails, wallet
  • Launching its innovative credit card wallet with security chips
  • Nothing in this regard