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Review on G999 by Jorge Hernández

the efficiency of P2P payments with blockchain security

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, acquiring goods and services and making payments became a more affordable task; since we do not need to physically carry large sums of money to carry out our purchases and transactions.

G999 is part of this cryptographic solution provided by electronic payment platforms.

This platform is a reliable representation of the valuable characteristics that a digital protocol can have and shows us the benefits that we can obtain thanks to its use in our business and daily operations:

• Facilitates the process of purchasing products and services online by allowing you to use your digital currency as a form of payment in stores and virtual stores

• Allows reliable transactions, due to its security system that allows signing operations combining a public key with a private key

• Offers means of communication (Chat, mail and voice memo) impossible to interfere due to its system of combination of signatures and keys, which manages to block modified transactions

• Business operations include encrypted media; which makes them safer

• Allows energy savings by implementing PoS as a consensus protocol in native currency mining

• Provides applications that allow you to surf the internet with total privacy and anonymity

• It offers encrypted messaging services, which makes it impossible to track them.

• Offers direct applications for wallet-to-wallet access

• It is an efficient network due to the integration of Master Nodes in its infrastructure

G999 is simply the secure, private, efficient and anonymous protocol that allows us to buy, exchange and communicate with confidence.

Pros & cons

  • Ensures instant payment processing without central control
  • Provides security in transactions due to its anti-fraud mechanism
  • Offers low rates for network usage
  • Allows payments under P2P mode; facilitating quick operations between people
  • Offers communication channels such as chat and voice notes, as well as email
  • Currency subject to price variation