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Review on GET Protocol: May be one of my considerations on the GET convention !!!

The GET convention series, presented in mid 2018, attempts to offer tagging bargains each time through ticket deals, so avoid ticket deals and the tricks that guarantee the show is the key. what it really plans is viewed as a non-shut source code…See full review

May be one of my thoughts on the GET protocol !!!

The GET protocol series, introduced in early 2018, works to offer ticketing deals every time through ticket sales, so stay away from ticket sales and the scams that claim the convention is the key. what it actually prepares is considered a...See full review

Get protocol with the smart blockchain.

Get Protocol is an amazing blockchain Servicet that is on board and was Introduced at the beginning of the year 2018, the GET Protocol service serves to ofr a beautiful and well okay ticket that is sale for any form of event through the process...See full review

GET My understanding of the protocol.

As for the GET Protocol, these ticket platforms have some projects to ensure automation via NFT, and they offer very smart solutions for obtaining tickets with blockchain technology. With its multifaceted programs, customers are really looking to...See full review

Keen tagging with blockchain

Presented toward the start of 2018, the GET Protocol stage serves to offer a ticket deal for any occasion through the blockchain, hence keeping away from the resale of tickets and related tricks, what's more this permits explaining...See full review

smart solution for ticketing

Event tickets are often the cause of fraud and counterfeiting, so we must ensure that we use a reliable resource if we want to avoid being scammed. GET Protocol offers an intelligent solution for ticketing with blockchain technology, which allows…See full review

Strong innovation.

The GUTS platform uses blockchain innovations to provide a fair ticket that covers disgusting additional market costs and misrepresentation of tickets. Our promotional tickets include unspeakable creative benefits for fans and coordinators that you...See full review

Savings note with blockchain.

The GET Protocol series, introduced in early 2018, serves to offer a ticket deal at any time through the ticket to avoid resale of tickets and other tricks, as well as to provide clarity as stated in the convention. Implementation is a completely...See full review

Smart ticketing with blockchain

Introduced at the beginning of 2018, the GET Protocol platform serves to offer a ticket sale for any event through the blockchain, thus avoiding the resale of tickets and associated scams, in addition this allows clarifying transparency thanks to...See full review