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Review on Gnosis by Altyn G

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foreseeing to win

Gnosis Olympia is a decentralized gaming stage dependent on estimating results; whose triumphs are granted with the GNO computerized cash that works under the Ethereum chain.


GNO is the computerized cash that fills in as worth money for tasks did on the Gnosis Olympia organization.

GNO rewards effective game forecasts on the organization.


Players are given Oly tokens to begin and play which they will then, at that point convert into GNO tokens once their forecasts are right.

The GNO tokens got by clients can be put away and overseen in the wallet offered by the Gnosis Olympia chain.


Gnosis Olympia has support for Chrome programs on work stations and on IOS and Android telephones.


Gnosis Olympia has the powerful innovation offered by the Ethereum chain. It utilizes the usefulness of keen agreements to make forecasts and produce dependable outcomes dependent on decency and reasonableness.

The chain utilizes record innovation to change data into various potential outcomes or results dependent on the factors introduced.

What do you have to begin acquiring GNO?

Just register on the authority site of Gnosis Olympia.

  • Permits you to acquire prizes for right forecasts
  • It's anything but a stage not expose to outsider control
  • Temperamental worth of the coin

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