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digital access to student accommodation centers

When deciding to pursue a professional career, many students find it necessary to emigrate from their places of origin to settle in cities that host the houses of study according to the desired…See more

HOMT: it is presented as a professional alternative that is ideal for trading and its linkage with rentals.

HOMT (HOMT): is a project that works as an information center, offering constant access to a private cloud which allows to be a space for the storage of multimedia content of high range, is by…See more

Believe that you will continue to serve again after a long time

Technologies and everything continue to improve in the constantly evolving world. Students are the most important contributors to creating improvements. Students may travel somewhere to gain…See more

Token for student hosting services.

The usefulness of this asset is to create a payment environment for accommodation and rental services for students, using of course the ethereum blockchain, exploiting a market in many countries…See more