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Revainrating 1.5 out of 5  
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The Hype token based on the Ethereum blockchain was one of the most innovative projects that tried to go on the market. It was a token that combined one-of-a-kind inflation and deflation models, to experience the tokenomic models (burning of tokens) plus (freezing rewards), through a consensus system in which the holders of the Hype token would determine the rates. of Burning + stake monthly in an off-chain voting process that would be carried out by the same holders who have frozen the token…

  • Nothing important to add here
  • Lacking solid support from investors, the project was abandoned
  • They did not have a clear roadmap, to achieve everything they promised
  • They had a very low liquidity in the market
  • The creators of the project deleted their profiles on social networks after closing the website
  • The project was delisted from coinmarketcap as it did not have any type of movement in the market

Hi guys,this is a little review on hype token.Hype is a test ERC20 token sent on the Ethereum Blockchain. Hype is an extraordinary token made to try the Deflationary (Token Burning) + Inflationary (Freezing Rewards) tokenomic models. Publicity holders decide the Burning + Staking rates every month through an off-chain agreement made by confirmed holders who have 'frozen' HYPE. However,Hype Token [HYPE] is a token dependent on Ethereum blockchain. The most real cost for one Hype Token [HYPE] i

  • It provides a lot of freezing rewards.
  • Users can easily detect inflation and deflation ratings.
  • It is reliable and trusted as well.
  • I have no negative review for this project.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This project seems to be a sign that we should beware.

Now we can look at the crypto project, where its goal is approved in volume. that he is a little different in terms of the views of those other projects. I don’t know why, but from my little experience, I can say. that this token has reliability and aspirational goals. This gives confidence to me and also to other users to be calm when registering. In general, this cryptocurrency is not used enough, when checking your smart contract, I managed to notice that the coin is large. There are no…

  • Prudence.
  • There are no proven markets where it is listed.
  • There are no updates on the github.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Hype token was once functioning.

Hype token is token that more useful. HYPE is an experimental ERC20 token established on the Ethereum Blockchain. HYPE is an amazing token that was initiated to practically check the Deflationary (Token Burning) + Inflationary (Freezing Rewards) tokenomic models. HYPE holders determine the Burning + Staking rates each time or month on the digital platform. Hype,holding all this wonderful accomplishment it is regarded are an inactive token which most investors should be aware of despite…

  • It has lost most of this content.
  • Inactiveness.
  • No recent updates from service team.
  • Delay in email response to customers.
  • No recent news on platform maintenance.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The idea behind the news is not very reliable.

The Hype token, based on the Ethereum blockchain, has been one of the latest plans to expire in the market. This was a signal that the token models (token burning) and (ice cream prizes) would be tested through a compromise system that would determine the prices of Hype token holders, which would combine various inflation and deflation models. ... burn any bear in an autonomous poll conducted by stigma-frozen owners. The longer you wait, the louder you will be and the more you weld every day.

  • It should be now.
  • There is no proven market on this list.
  • The liquidity of the market was very low.
  • The plan was completely abandoned without the decisive help of the traders.

Revainrating 1 out of 5


In general, this cryptocurrency is in little use, when verifying your smart contract, it has no transactions in the last days, and in the repositories it only has three entries that do not offer much information. Your website today is out of service, it is not possible to find updated or real information about the project.

  • Caution.
  • There are no verified markets where it is listed.
  • No updates on github.