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Review on Hype Token by Gulnara Baytahanowa

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This project seems to be a sign that we should beware.

Now we can look at the crypto project, where its goal is approved in volume. that he is a little different in terms of the views of those other projects. I don’t know why, but from my little experience, I can say. that this token has reliability and aspirational goals. This gives confidence to me and also to other users to be calm when registering. In general, this cryptocurrency is not used enough, when checking your smart contract, I managed to notice that the coin is large. There are no transactions in it for the last days, and there are only 3 records in the repositories, which do not contain a large amount of information. Your website is down right now, and important or valid information about the plan cannot be found. But I can say that the work of the developers in my opinion is normal. At the end of my review, I would like new goals and more feedback in the future.

  • Prudence.
  • There are no proven markets where it is listed.
  • There are no updates on the github.