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Review on Hyperion by Yenkelys Barcenas

Hyperion. A map platform with a token for investors.

Hyperion is a decentralized platform, whose objective is to make aggressively open and decentralized maps, built on solid cryptographic primitives and whose attraction is the location of its assets, the tracking of these without the need of a GPS, this platform is consolidated through three large combined applications: Titan aimed at mobile applications that guarantees the privacy of the user and their data, Map3, as the central axis of the platform for the management of maps (creation and use) that can be shown in detail through the spatial use of data and Atlas, the blockchain that seeks to solve requests for spatial services, such as transactions and map asset validation, with special features such as censorship resistance, open participation and fault tolerance. This combination promises the conceptualization of consensus maps, systems at the forefront of technology and in accordance with the community and the sustainable economy.

The currency of this platform is an altcoin that has been climbing positions within investors who seek to manage their money through cryptocurrencies, it is not one of the most stable currencies, but it allows the purchase, sale and exchange of it, it is a token type ERC-20 from Ethereum. This asset started its activities with an upward trend, suffering constant fluctuations with a downward trend in its price, however it shows a good market capitalization and is in the range of 193 in the global rating of cryptocurrencies with a trading volume average daily of $ 117.1K. To purchase the currency, it does not require a user account on the platform, you just have to complete an identity validation process that may take a while, access one of the currency exchanges and have a mobile wallet to save the cryptocurrency. Some users recommend using online sales platforms with a built-in wallet, as it is considered to be safe and fast. This currency can be managed from its base as a currency or it can be exchanged to BTC and from there perform the operations that the user requires.

Pros & cons

  • It is a platform whose destination is the creation and management of decentralized maps, in which three applications are combined: Titan, Map3 and Atlas, to guarantee the privacy of the information, the safe location and the detail in the mapping.
  • It is an ERC-20 type coin, therefore it is compatible with platforms that support Ethereum.
  • It has a good market capitalization and is in the top 200 of the global cryptocurrency rating.
  • The currency can be bought on exchanges easily and safely.
  • It is an interesting project with a unique objective.
  • The HYN is an altcoin and its market value is relatively low.
  • At the price level, constant fluctuations are observed and it has a downward trend.
  • It is not well known.