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About Hyperion

Hyperion is built to underpin a global decentralized map economy in which interests of stakeholders are well aligned and everyone has the autonomy to access the utility of Hyperion, that is, pervasive and autonomous location and map services. The overall design goal of Hyperion Protocol Network (HPN) is to power the aforementioned location and map services in an open, censorship-resistant and fault-tolerant manner.

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I think Hyperion is the best coin in the cryptocurrenct exchange

Hyperion is a company with a long-distance goal, so I'm very interested in the new features Hyperion has developed targeting decentralized network capabilities that have started to be used in…See more

About Hyperion

Hyperion is a cryptocurrency and decentralized map platform with a different purpose and project than other DeFi projects. The project, which aims to offer the world map to the service of people in…See more


In my article today, I will talk about Hyperion. The main purpose of this project is about maps. So users have full control of their data. You earn coins by generating map data. This is easily…See more

My Review about hypercoin Mapping Project

Blockchain technology has helped people with access to lot of utility and services used in daily life with ease and easily accessible. Thats what exactly hyperion project is about which is giving…See more

a very remarkable project to confront hegemonic consortia that exist today

The growth and expansion that blockchain technology has been having in recent years in so many areas and our daily lives is really remarkable and valuable, so much so that projects have even been…See more

Decentralized map services.

This project in general seeks to respect the privacy of user location around the world using blockchain to maintain decentralization, currently its app is available for iOS and Android users which…See more

A Successful Project

While sharing my thoughts on Hyperion, I would like to talk about the working principles of the project in order to better analyze this project. Hyperion is a cryptocurrency designed to provide…See more

Globally decentralized map data network

The mission of Hyperion, a decentralized map network, is to fulfill the idea of One Map to have a centralized vision of worldwide map data and service and make it freely available to billions people…See more

It is a decentralized map platform.

This project has centered towards giving decentralized map services to everybody. It means to give One-Map solution through decentralized innovation, which will incorporate map search, location share…See more

The potential is quite good.

The possibility of this project is very fascinating, the project itself and the group likewise have a clear improvement guide from the beginning, and it is the adaptation of the CM that the group…See more