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INX is a utility token, which is used on INMAX platform. The utility token allows the owner to utilize the coins in real-world business. In the end, the tokens would have digital assets with real values.

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INMAX: track record in asset exchanges

When choosing an exchange platform for assets; the user seeks security of their funds and speed in their transactions. INMAX is a digital solution whose platform is intended to serve as a secure cryptographic bridge for the transfer of assets…See full review


Dear friends, I wanted to share with you today what I know about the INMAX project this time around. Honestly I didn’t think to write a review of this project but I came across this platform on the internet. He attracted so much attention. So I…See full review

The platform has the best feature of offering low-cost models.

INX is a useful number used on the INMAX platform. A useful number allows the owner to use coins in real work. As a result, the notes will have digital assets that have real value.When you select an exchange platform for assets; seeks user safety…See full review


Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about INMAX. Cryptocurrencies, which have become widespread in almost all countries, have been through very difficult ways until today. I've seen almost hundreds of crypto projects sinking to date. INX…See full review

This project is one of my favorite projects.

INX is a useful property used in the INMAX scene. Allows the beneficial owner to use coins in real work. As a result, the notes would have computerized sources with real properties. When you select the trading phase for resources; seeks customer…See full review

INMAX is a project that offers reliable and digital currency exchange.

Review of INMAX. A project that offers digital currency exchange and secure and stable trading on the Ehereum platform. It also offers users better services by transferring assets. The platform, which has higher security, ensures the security of…See full review

This project is a reliable computerized source.

The project comes as a new round of digital currency exchange with a secure computerized source trade and monetary framework INMAX, with the above advantages. Created by PT.HAFIZC KOIN ASIA - an organization with so much involvement in digital…See full review

INMAX (INX): is a project that offers interactive digital currency exchanges.

INMAX (INX): is a project that offers interactive digital currency exchanges, is an alternative that is presented in the form of trade giving simple features in a platform more stable, reliable and faster, customer service is its business motto the…See full review


INMAX (INX), represents a project that offers a crypto-currency, which is available for multiple exchange services, operates perfectly from the platform of the famous Ethereum, having extremely fast transactions, stable and very secure, likewise…See full review

Based on a digital asset exchange financial system

INMAX focused on digital asset trading, faces a barrier of competitors in the market according to the fact that numerous projects that also want to create a highly liquid asset exchange ecosystem, but are problems that the project should face with…See full review