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Review on InnovaMinex by Emmanuel Sunday

Innovaminex review

Crypto project comes each with different flairs and flavours and with a main idea to solve a particular problem. Making sure that you are investing in the right project, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the project and to understand its basis. The innovaminex has been able to make precious metals accessible to you including the gold and silver in a very unique block chain protocol. They use this block chain technology to determine the traceability of these precious metal. They release collection of crypto currencies in gold, silver and more which are being rebranded with corresponding crypto currency logos. The commercialization is done on the e commerce platform, various ATM point where buyers gets to verify the origin of the asset they acquired be the coins. The platform is powered by the inx token which well performing the market

Pros & cons

  • This project is fully functional, with a very good information about it's founders.
  • The achieve their goals by successfully making gold and other precious metals accessible to the public
  • I see no downside on this project..