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Review on Insights Network by Douglas Cachazo

Insights Network (INSTAR): Platform to commercialize data.

Information in this increasingly digital world is becoming more and more valuable, not only in price but also for the information that is produced and to whom it is of interest. More knowledge will give you more power in all areas. Economic, industrial, health and even political among others.

There is a market of information to sell and of course a market interested in buying it, databases with a lot of potential value, information that has had a cost in being captured and stored.

Three groups benefit from this market: those who produce the information and recompile it, those who sell it, another party that buys it and the platform earns for the service, a relationship and a market in which everyone wins.

The project has fulfilled its work path to the fullest, that says a lot about the serious work done by the developers of the platform, in one of its stages was contemplated the incorporation of a villera on the web, there is also one available for mobile devices under android operating system.

The project has a very broad universe of use cases since what is contemplated is the exchange of information and that is what moves the world, that is why I see great potential for this project, investing something in your token is not superfluous, it is an investment for the future. It enters my list to invest a little and follow up.

Currently their Ethereum token is of the ERC20 type, but in their work schedule they are already working on the development of their own blockchain and migrate to that their token, this based on EOS platform tools.

Pros & cons

  • Secure Data Trading Network
  • The asset it manages is information.
  • Fulfills its work path and with many ambitions for the future.
  • Operates with secure and reliable data providers.
  • Nothing against it