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Insights Network

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About Insights Network

Insights Network is connecting consumers with businesses for mutually beneficial data exchange by using digital currency and blockchain technology. The Insights Network is a blockchain based data exchange that allows individuals to manage and monetize the data they create in a liquid, real time data marketplace. This marketplace exists on top of the Insights Network protocol built on top of the EOS blockchain and is fueled by our ?INSTAR? token.

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Insights Network: Derive insights out of data.

I still think Insights Network is a solid project and there’s tremendous potential for the service. The communication issue was the only concern I was trying to highlight. Information selling…See more

Insights Network (INSTAR): Platform to commercialize data.

Information in this increasingly digital world is becoming more and more valuable, not only in price but also for the information that is produced and to whom it is of interest. More knowledge will…See more

Insights Network (INSTAR), a currency with a betting system, to generate good rewards and with good blockchain technology, to promote market research.

Insights Network (INSTAR), is based on a well-developed currency, own network of good utility that allows the exchange of data and providing extensive security during data storage. Insights Network…See more