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IQ cash: Project and cryptocurrency for investors.

Be a shareholder and receive money for belonging to an investor club.
This is what this Iq cash project is all about. In most of the cryptographic projects the strong of the profits goes to the miners, in IQ cash the 100% of the profits are distributed as follows, 70% for investors, 25% for miners and a remaining 5% for developers.
It is one of the projects that offers a high profit margin and it is not a ponzi scheme.
The currency is the IQ and to be an investor you must buy 3,000 IQ which is the cost of the active MasterNode and you become a member of the investor club and a candidate to receive profits with a guaranteed average margin of 150% per year.
Definitely attractive for strong investors. The masterNode is nothing more than a server that you rent for approximately 1.43 euros and deposit the 3,000 IQ of investment. This amount is intended to support the creation of the fast and secure payment system.
The great beneficiary for this project is obviously those investors with economic muscle who can invest large amounts of dollars. Since the price of IQ Cash (IQ) today is $ 0.04262013.
You can purchase the IQ in the portal's wallet or directly from any of the following exchanges: KuCoin, Binance, Bitrex and others.

Pros & cons

  • Great benefits for investors, one of the highest in the market.
  • Fast and secure transactions for merchants
  • Profit is transferred to all investors equally
  • There is no need for more advanced Pcs.
  • I see it only for strong investors.