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Intelligence is a platform for financial backers and traders.

IQ. ash is a large-scale blockchain series for traders, investors and miners. Its main purpose is to provide opportunities and contributions to mysterious online pieces. Digital currency has a dynamic customer base around the world and a growing number of individuals.

The distribution of mining profits is determined by the owners of the concentrators and excavators, and there is considerable savings in advancing the issue, which is from each extracted block.

This is a very obvious proposition for me because everything looks like the owners of the concentrators and the excavators can guarantee that this work will move forward. The only thing that worries me is the classification of manufacturers and engineers by region.

spyware provides programming for many types of business frameworks, and this is one of its benefits. The level of intelligence can also be replaced by a number of reliable trades that expand the value of this security.

The IQ Cash Group has spread to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Cyprus, Russia and many other countries.

Generally speaking, an IQ project is a trust project and any financial backer can contribute to another psyche.

Pros & cons

  • Financial supporters over the diggers in the way the prizes are distributed.
  • No flaws