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Review on USDJ by Jimmy Centeno

USDJ (USDJ): is a cryptocurrency project that develops clear characteristics.

USDJ (USDJ): is a cryptocurrency project that develops clear characteristics on how a digital currency should work, implements security and DeFi protocols based on a whole algorithm for clear data protection, a great support in the part of the services and a clear example of how financial solutions should be and how it is developed in the most demanding markets. It is a relatively stable currency has strong features that allows you to use it anywhere and anytime as long as you have an Internet connection, most of its services are 100% decentralized and assure users that it has a complete market liquidity.

Pros & cons

  • It ranks 518th with a capitalization of 11 million USD, with daily volumes of 2.3 million USD.
  • Works with 2 file scanners, simultaneously.
  • In the graphs of its shares in the last 7 days its capital rose 1.2 million dollars more.
  • Its currency is available in 14 markets, and with the main crypto currencies **USDJ/USDT** | **USDJ/TRX** | **BRG/USDJ** | **BTC/USDJ** | **USDJ/USDT**, with high levels of market confidentiality.
  • Its value as a currency is close to the value of 1 dollar, it is on a good streak.
  • It does not have mobile applications, neither market nor wallet.