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Review on KEY by Jeff Pudic

Back at it this morning. I guess I was wrong. All the coding you gave me only…

Back at it this morning. I guess I was wrong. All the coding you gave me only created the image for the qt wallet to click on. Yet I still get the same error above when I load up KeyOS. Some how this error is causing the OS system from allowing me to get internet connection. The OS says I'm connected but I can get the Wallet QT, Firefox, or Tor browser to connect to internet. I did a search on "St13runtime" in the Ann Xcurrency thread. Looks like someone was having a similar issue but it didn't seem to get resolved.
My goal right now is to gain as much spare BTC off of some potential rises from other coins with current feature releases. Then use it to buy up as much Key as possible on top of my current bag. I like seeing this current price stabilizing above 20k. Hopefully, the dev's are anted up on their promise to implement multiple feature releases at a steady pace. Once Keytrader is finalized, they should also give an update on the potential release of finalized "basic version" of KeyOS to help keep the keytrader investors around and hold price against the day traders. Then keep em coming with new features for both KeyOS and KeyTrader. With new features that HAVE BEEN PROVEN EXIST , total coins available, and 20% POS, it's really not that hard to realize where this coin is going. mil sat is very doable. Got fingers crossed

Pros & cons

  • July 17, 2014:QuoteA Message to the Community From the KEY TeamWe've spent the last 12 hours making sure our network is as stable and secure as possible. More nodes have been added and the checkpointing depth has been tweaked. We're releasing a new wallet with DNSSEED updates so that wallets automatically connect to to nodes without editing the keycoin. conf file. POW checkpoints have been added to the code to improve blockchain security.
  • Things which do not help your coin as a dev:1- Attacking other coinsStick with your own coin, you'll be better off, trust me. The price is $20 bucks, you've paid more for video games you've never played I bet. I know I have: DayZ alpha, Planetary Annihilation, BF4, etc. In case anyone has been out of the loop, it looks like Dan Metcalf plans to release his code review for both Halcyon and Stealthcoin today. This is not only good news for those coins, but also very good news for Key. Dan is now considered a part of the key dev team (he manages the KeyOS) and Key also happens to be the first coin (that I know of) that he code reviewed. As his reputation grows in the community, so will the reputation of Keycoin (and obviously his own coin, XC). These are exciting times.