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Review on LanaCoin by Sefa can Yüksel

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Developers run in their own trees and then send pull requests when they think the feature or bug fix is ready. Y is acceptable if people think it's a good thing. If the sponsor does not follow the encoding rules (see Coding.txt) or there is a dispute, y commit must wait to rebuild and resubmit. Professionals assembly and testing can be carried out but cannot be fully guaranteed. Create regularly to mark new releases of Lanacoin.When several people have been examined after use.
Sometimes withdrawal requests expire. If this happens and the pulling force can no longer be automatically combined, it will not be used on retract to remind to shut down. If no action is taken by the author, the draw will be closed 15 days after the warning is given. Problems with withdrawal requests closed in this way are marked as "recession".
A similar warning will be issued for unwanted issues and will be closed 15 days after the son event. Topics closed in this way will be marked as "old".Proof-of-work miners will receive the new mission LANA to protect the blockchain, while the Lana community will receive rewards for competing for the LANA and shared blocks. The discoverer / stakeholder of the mortgage block will receive a permanent Lana 1000 LANA award and her 7% share reward.LanaCoin is one of the first personalized cryptocurrencies created as a birthday gift. Its unique feature is that Lanas starts the birth block exactly on his 10th birthday.
Blockchain Spider is fully loaded with Functions related to birthday time and date.
The project started as a birthday gift without false promises or one way another way. The only promise is that service development around the Lanacoin block will be carried out gradually in the near future.

Pros & cons

  • The website is very simple and full of good and explanatory information.
  • The information given is very clear and good
  • No support service

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