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About LanaCoin

LanaCoin (LANA) is a cryptocurrency . Users are able to generate LANA through the process of mining. LanaCoin has a current supply of 3,214,619,627.649563 with 3,244,502,948.04121 in circulation. The last known price of LanaCoin is 0.00057145 USD and is up 3.69 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 2 active market(s) with $340.40 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at

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I recommend that the organization be updated with the distribution material and continue to analyze the scene.

Use of POW and POS with sha256 as a laundry calculation. There is no specific proof of this computerized cash, only cryptographic cash can be used for me. When everything is said and done, make careful rules and goals because the main idea of ​​not…

LanaCoin: A gift for Lana, but is it a gift for investors?

LanaCoin is a personalised crypto that was created as a gift to a girl named Lana. Users are able to generate LANA can be generated through mining. It is a combination(hybrid) of POS (Proof of Stake) and POW (proof of work) open blockchain. It uses

lanacoin project and its price review

This project is one of the relatively old projects and has been working since 2016. Given their activity on social media after 4 years, this activity is promising for a good leap in project growth. In examining the daily and usdt pair charts of the LANA currency, the uptrend in February 2020 was not successful and the price fell in such a way that the trend line was broken. Support in the range of 0.00004 USDT is the most important support for this currency and if this support line is broken, we can expect a fall even to 0.00001 usdt, which is not good at all. The highest price growth of this currency was in January 2018, and that price is far from the current price. (I have reviewed the chart of this currency with the support range in the photo below)

LanaCoin Promise to Develop blockchain Gradually in The Future.

LanaCoin is an open source and first personalized Cryptocurrency Token created from a father to her daughter LANA as 10th birthday gift. It was built on blockchain and it started operation as birthday present with no roadmap deadline on Development, but promise to start blockchain development of LanaCoin gradually in the future LanaCoin can be generated through mining process. The coin is an hybrid of pow and pos which can be mine through a specialized Cryptocurrency mining hardware with the use of sha256 algorithms. It was listed on 3 trading platform and price today is $0•00003387 with a 24 hours trading volume of $14•78. It has 1•8billion circulating supply and 7•51billion maximum Although LanaCoin was created as a gift for Birthday and is not recommended at present, but I think if more effort should applies in operation of LanaCoin it will become more effective which could resulted to increase in Trading, Mining and investing, and can become a successful coin in the…

LanaCoin is a blockchain undertaking that become born as a birthday present for the daughter of its developers, as many customers have already discussed.

Consolidate as the forex of desire for investors, buyers, players and fashionable e-commerce goers inside the crypto-asset enterprise. However, that is an empty project and has had low growth for the duration of its launch at the internet. The undertaking follows the identical trend as DogeCoin however in this example it was a joke, Currently I best find it appealing for miners due to the fact they could easily attain it. Y is acceptable if humans suppose it is an awesome element. In this specific case, the cryptocurrency LANACoin (LANA) turned into launched in May 2016. This can't make money for himself and on my own, but it's the most particular way to have a good time the indignant dad's birthday. The coin uses both POW and POS with sha256 as the hash set of rules. The venture did no longer have mass investment, as it emerged in the presence of an ICO. LANACoin is rising as a hash public blockchain that mixes proof-of-paintings with evidence-of-stake using the sha256 hashing set of

Lanacoin: An empty future for a birthday present

LanaCoin, as its name implies, is dedicated to the tenth birthday of this playforma bi girl. This can’t make the coin to himself and him alone, but it is his most unique way to celebrate the nerve father’s birthday. In the crypto market, today we are following most of the general monetary guidelines, each with its distinctive features as if they had a common purpose: to unite in the cryptocurrency business as intermediaries, money donors, players support funds; and creating great online business customers The coin is used with sha256 as a calculation of POW, POW and POS. When a square is found, the diggers are paid by Lana, and the locals who share their wallets are also compensated by Lana for marking their coins. Blockchain Spider is fully functional with functions set by date and date of birth As a rule, it is important to create guidelines and goals that can be implemented, especially because of the general consensus, that this principle of cash without a start-up cannot…

This post is about the past or the beginning range that should be more useful.

Posar and PoW, the digital currency of the Posarym seed, are the beginnings of this problem, somewhat dubious, as stated on their official website, but it is important to delineate the boundaries with this topic. Current loans; In PoW and Pos mining relations. The main thing is that there is no specific reason for this digital money, only cryptographic money can be used for me. When all is said and done, it is important to create viable guidelines and goals, as the first idea of being cashless without a start is of little interest to financial supporters, especially for those reasons. The general idea about bitcoin and it is doing well right now, just as there is something old to bring to the table. This endeavor didn't have total financing, since it got noticeable without the reinforcement of an ICO.

Pros & cons

  • Supported by Theerli region.
  • Low exchange rate.

LanaCoin-cross breed blockchain

In the crypto market, today we track down a wide scope of advanced monetary standards, each with specific qualities however with a shared objective: to merge in the cryptoassets business as the favored money of brokers, financial backers, players and clients overall online business regulars. Inside this unique situation, the cryptographic money LANACoin (LANA) showed up available in May 2016. This venture didn't have aggregate financing, since it became visible without the backup of an ICO. LANACoin arises as a blended open blockchain that joins verification of work with evidence of stake utilizing the sha256 hash calculation. This can be produced utilizing mining. The LANACoin mining measure is isolated into two gatherings: 1.- The verification of-work excavators: They are accountable for getting the blockchain and their award comprises of acquiring newly produced LANA. The last square of this prize was set at 750,000. 2.- The LANA people group: Seek investme

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Developers run in their own trees and then send pull requests when they think the feature or bug fix is ready. Y is acceptable if people think it's a good thing. If the sponsor does not follow the encoding rules (see Coding.txt) or there is a dispute, y commit must wait to rebuild and resubmit. Professionals assembly and testing can be carried out but cannot be fully guaranteed. Create regularly to mark new releases of Lanacoin.When several people have been examined after use. Sometimes withdrawal requests expire. If this happens and the pulling force can no longer be automatically combined, it will not be used on retract to remind to shut down. If no action is taken by the author, the draw will be closed 15 days after the warning is given. Problems with withdrawal requests closed in this way are marked as "recession". A similar warning will be issued for unwanted issues and will be closed 15 days after the son event. Topics closed in this way will be marked as…

Personalized Coin With A Specific Usage

LanaCoin was launched in 2016 and is one of the first personalized coin to be created. The real essence of this coin is to be use as birthday gift. Not much can be said about the team behind this project and no specifically designed roadmap. The coin is using both POW and POS with sha256 as hashing algorithm. The miners are being rewarded with Lana when a block is found while the members of the community who stake their wallet are also being rewarded with lana for staking their coin. The reward for staking is 1000 lana with additional 7percent annual reward. As per the market structure of the coin, it is capped at 7.506B and is being traded on the Yobit exchange and coingecko registered it as well. Presently the price is 0.00005052 dollars. With much development and more marketing strategies from the team, more will be known about this coin.

LanaCoin LANA: Crypto gift currency

Project created in 2016, it is the cryptocurrency LanaCoin which is named after a girl who turned 10 years old and her father created the project as a tribute to it, The project follows the same trend as DogeCoin but in that case It was a joke, at the moment I only see it attractive for miners since they can easily obtain it, investing in this cryptocurrency would be like buying a car for life, not because it is good but because once you buy it you do not will get someone to sell it to, however something similar to dogecoin could happen that vastly known businessman Musk wrote something positive about the cryptocurrency on a social network and its price skyrocketed, if something similar does not happen I see the cryptocurrency as an inactive project in medium term, the value of the currency is currently 0.000055 dollars, quite low. Its historical maximum price was reached 2 years after its launch and was 0.003042, It does not have a website, instead what there is is a very precarious…

This project needs to be more useful.

Hybrid mineable cryptocurrency Pos and PoW, the beginning of this project is somewhat controversial as stated on its official site, but it is not necessary to create parameters related to that topic. Current attributes; PoW and Pos in their mining process. The main problem is that this cryptocurrency does not have a specific purpose, it is just another cryptocurrency that can be used to mine. In general, it is necessary to develop a roadmap and goals that can be met since that main idea of being a currency without initial conception does not generate a real demand by investors, especially because that is the general idea of Bitcoin and it already does it well, it also has nothing new to offer.

Pros & cons

  • No previous or preliminary collection was made.
  • It is supported by the community.
  • Low trading volume.
  • Without a clear route.

Lanacoin: An Empty Future for a Birthday Present Blockchain

LanaCoin as many users have already discussed is a blockchain project that was born as a birthday present for the daughter of his developers. But it is an empty project, and it has had a deploy low growth during the time it has been available on the internet. It looks more like an economic blog with some useful contents than a real blockchain. It does not count with any core established in the smart-contracts as other projects commonly have. Moreover, it does seem to provide an expandable source for cryptocurrency support. This can be contrasting since the company offers their coin as part of the whole project. The good thing of it is that it has a unique algorithm that is easy to manage, but the interesting of it is that users can learn of it for developing new sources or having it as a model algorithm. However, the entire project is still outdated. LanaCoin's provider is tirelessly informing that the platform will offer a reliable part in the near future, but sincerely, I think…

LanaCoin- hybrid blockchain

In the crypto market, today we find a wide range of digital currencies, each with particular characteristics but with a common goal: to consolidate in the cryptoassets industry as the preferred currency of traders, investors, players and users in general e-commerce regulars. Within this context, the cryptocurrency LANACoin (LANA) appeared on the market in May 2016. This project did not have collective financing, since it came to light without the accompaniment of an ICO. LANACoin emerges as a mixed open blockchain that combines proof of work with proof of stake using the sha256 hash algorithm. This can be generated using mining. The LANACoin mining process is divided into two groups: 1.-The proof-of-work miners: They are in charge of securing the blockchain and their reward consists of obtaining freshly generated LANA. The last block of this reward was set at 750,000. 2.-The LANA community: Compete for participation blocks and get rewards for betting their LANAS. Both…

LanaCoin (LANA) represents a great alternative in the cryptoactive market

The present project of the digital currency LanaCoin (LANA) represents a great alternative in the cryptoactive market, it is a powerful currency that is acquired with BTC and USDT, in the same way it is present to trade with it, from 3 important and secure exchange platforms. LanaCoin (LANA) as a project, also promotes wallet clients, easy to use and install in different types of devices, either mobile or desktop, its wallets perfectly protect the LANA token, facilitate the sending and even receiving of LANA digital currencies in a simple and safe way, above all these wallets are recoverable from any other device without any inconvenience. LanaCoin (LANA), presents a good price for its acquisition. The transfer of the coins is really stable, above all it allows to mine it with powerful mining equipment, as it is totally adequate, and it extends the high performance in the extraction of LANA coins and these maintain their good behavior during these mining tasks.

Birthday gift coin

On the technical side, the project is an Hybrid POS/POW protocol that allows users to mine or stake the coin. The project has been active for a while, since it is still alive to this day even though it was created in 2016. In a sense, LanaCoin is very different from most of the regular crypto projects. As per the author : "If you can't find a reason to get involved in the project, you better not, we don't want "lambo" in our community, but people who will use a coin in an app that has real use, like e-commerce. If you're satisfied with a nice family SUV instead of a Lamborghini, you're more than welcome, but you have complete freedom to chase a lamborghini." His goal is not to create another scammy get rich quick cryptocurrency, but a genuine approach for a properly and progressively developed coin. There isn't much else to say about this project. This is not an investment coin, nor a speculation one. It's simply a geeky gesture for a father to his daughter for her birthday. Which is…

A project for motivated people willing to make it grow

It is known as one of the first personalized cryptocurrencies, in my opinion it is one of the projects for more motivated people in the world of cryptocurrencies and they want to look better with them for advanced growth in the future, it is executed by a hybrid consensus Pow (Proof of Work) Pos (Proof of Stake), the cool thing is that the coin is fully open source and on top of all that you can have passive income and a wallet. Among other positive things is mining, if you get to mine you will be highly rewarded by this network because you are ensuring the creation of it, just as bettors have their fixed reward for participating. To conclude, it is a project that has not gained much popularity and therefore I do not recommend investing right now but in a future where the matter can be seen a bit serious but it is still beneficial due to the idea of ​​rewards in mining and gamblers who want to be, with nothing more to say I conclude.


Blockchain project can be created as open source these have made the network more accessible for developers to easily create interesting additional coins to the network which in turn have been a great means of boosting the scalability of the crypto industry. Although some project might seem very small but lot of effort have been make to keep those projects quite competitive in the crypto market. LanaCoin is a POW/POS minable token that rewards both miners and investors, when new blocks are created by miners rewards are given for generating new blocks and investors get to stake LanaCoin with 7% annual return over billions of LanaCoin have been created to be in circulation which suppose that every user in the world could have one LanaCoin, the coin supply in terms of being exchange in traded market and total circulation in the market capitalization is very low with low supply, is supported by few exchange platform added support for wallet where users can securely store their token. it

another project created in the form of fun that has not yet shown to have any important progress

Today, anyone can create their own personalized cryptocurrency, due to the great advances that have been made in the different blockchains that we know. After the success of the dogecoin cryptocurrency, launched on the market as a kind of joke, many projects have wanted to imitate it, but the vast majority have failed in the attempt. One of the cryptocurrencies that has tried to achieve this is called Lanacoin, created in 2016, with its own blockchain to celebrate the tenth birthday of the daughter of the creator of the project. This project runs under a public and open source hybrid blockchain POS and POW using the sha256 hash algorithm. Lana is distributed fairly without first having gone through any pre-mining stage with a total supply of 7,506,000,000 coins which was established according to Lanas's birth date 7.5 .2016. the reward for Lana's POW miners are newly created tokens, whereas for POS miners the reward is 1000 tokens for each block wagered with an annual reward of 7%…

Open source coin without ICO and Premine

A coin launched without premine and ICO, attributing zero advantages for the project developers and offering full bias for all holders of the coin. Launched in 2016, its progress in the market has been static, given that the reason for the launch of this coin to the market, was for a birthday gift, which its objectives at that time were limited. Currently integrated in several exchanges, the currency has very little interest from crypto investors, in addition the services that it is composed of are very simple, since it is largely based on the stake of coins to secure the network and the mining process which can be done through specialized cryptocurrency mining hardware with sha256 algorithm support. Despite indicating new renovations in its services and establishing commercial strategies that can make the project much more known, it will be difficult given the competition in the market and the simplicity of its services.