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Review on Medicalchain by Ernesto Palma

pMedicalchain (MTN): is a new project based on integral medicine.

pMedicalchain (MTN): is a new project based on integral medicine, helps with payments and management of medicines on a large commercial scale, the main objective is to put the patient in general control and provide medical data in a general database to avoid future diseases with previous authorization of the patient, achieving a more complete record network a private medical network the records that are provided in this system are encrypted and protecting the confidentiality of the patient use Blockchain's network for the transfer of unique files which contain all types of disease information, it is a new way of secure management and collaborative and intelligent records of medical care. One of the main goals as a currency is to optimize medical efficiency in all aspects of patient care, with an extensive network to supply all types of medications that are requested.

It has the possibility of opening a measured insurance based and paid entirely on this type of cryptomone, which will allow you to access a unique and detailed record, of a library of accidents and illnesses, with unlimited coverage depending on the type of package to be acquired.

Pros & cons

  • Its level in the market, is positioned in the position 1390 with a capitalization of 779 thousand dollars, and registers a volume per day of 40 thousand dorales, with a total of shares within the market of 308 million shares, and a total available for sale of 192 million shares.
  • It can be purchased at the following exchange houses, [MTN/BTC] | [MTN/USDT] | [MTN/USD] | [MTN/ETH] | with high levels of confidentiality, and complying with all security and anonymity protocols.
  • It has 2 file scanners, works based on the Ethereum network and the Ethplorer network with 1m block speed.
  • It has a mobile application based (wallet) on Android and iOS, which can keep track of the patient and the overall control of any disease that may suffer.
  • Your shares in the stock market, reach a level of fiscal turbulence your capital rises and falls quickly, your money in capitalization moves a lot in this last month.
  • The value of your currency is very low, you should achieve a better purchase value, trying to guarantee a higher level.