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Review on MedicCoin by Ernesto Palma

MedicCoin (MEDIC): is a cryptomoney directed to the medical groups.

MedicCoin (MEDIC): is a cryptomoney directed to the medical groups, centered in offering the best health available in the market through a great program of rewards, with good preparation and recruitment of personnel, to give help where it is required and supporting the science in the modern medicine, its ecosystem develops several key characteristics like a whole program of health that helps you to know the basic consciences that you must have your body to consider healthy, a platform of commerce and a great program of donations that investigate and develop vaccine or cures of the main diseases of the world, as it is it the cancer, the diabetes, etc. Its operation as a currency is decentralized, its market operations are fast and reliable, it has a very modern and safe protection service that helps to safeguard and protect you when you acquire or donate the currency, it has services that are available once you register as a medical line that helps you with basic consultations on any problem you may have.

With its application you can make payments very quickly and accurately, make donations in real time and do your bit to help many people, it is important that this type of currency can help them and thus achieve greater growth and provide a better service over time, its liquidity and financial tools with key points in this cryptomoney where it is a very large market.

Pros & cons

  • It has complete information of its work team, the ranks and positions of each one in order to offer clear and precise information of the whole company.
  • It manages a capitalization of 2898 Thousand USD, with daily volumes of 6.98 USD.
  • It has a wallet application in various operating systems, in which we can see that it has desktop versions, for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • It has a mobile wallet application for Android.
  • In the graphs of its capital in the last 24 hours, register lost of 2000 thousand USD.
  • Its value for purchase as a currency is very very low.
  • Its purchase volumes are very low, in such a big market it registers very low operations.
  • Only works with 1 block chain, many coins work with several.