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Crypto Projects, ERC20

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Description of MidasProtocol

MidasProtocol (MAS) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. MidasProtocol has a current supply of 270,540,521.4758478 with 195,540,521.47584775 in circulation. The last known price of MidasProtocol is 0.00023698 USD and is up 0.00 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 2 active market(s) with $0.00 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://midasprotocol.io/.


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counting an extraordinary association for novices. Gives a coded, continually refreshed wallet that holds different created money related principles. The Midas Convention gives Canny Association to Exploration and Exchanging straightforwardly from the Midas wallet with the most elevated level of safety and guarantee. Trades that ensure that individual keys have never been passed are recorded locally. You can likewise utilize Midas to spend digital currencies on any online business stage that

  • Decentralized defensive wallet
  • Assurance and security
  • It has been joined with various online work processes
  • Promoting and improvement are adequately not

The Midas Protocol is a crypto wallet that allows customers to keep different coins in one wallet, not a different wallet for each coin. The group also includes Dr David Nguyen as director, CFO and Than Le as CEO. The Midas protocol also has a local symbolic, MAS image. He also works with the Macash team in the organization. In that sense, it is possible Midas should improve and respond to the spectrum, exchanging a wide range of modernized assets in one scene, where there is a wide range of…

  • They offer an encrypted wallet that will support a variety of digital currencies, thereby overcoming the burden of controlling different wallets for each note.
  • No flaws

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Midas Protocol Virtual Cash Merchants.

including a great organization for beginners. Provides a coded, constantly updated wallet that holds various developed monetary standards. The Midas Protocol provides Intelligent Organization for Research and Trading directly from the Midas wallet with the highest level of security and warranty. Exchanges that guarantee that personal keys have never been passed are recorded locally. You can also use Midas to spend cryptocurrencies on any e-commerce platform that supports crypto exchange through

  • Decentralized protective wallet
  • Protection and security
  • It has been combined with numerous online workflows
  • Advertising and development are not enough

The world monetary framework has been seeing numerous progressions as of late, particularly with the appearance of blockchain innovation and digital forms of money to the market. They are a gigantic measure of conceivable outcomes that can be gotten with them, and numerous clients definitely know it, yet, in spite of the way that the volumes of exchanges on a worldwide scale with digital forms of money have outperformed even banks that have been set up in the business for quite a long time,

  •  They offer an encoded wallet, which will uphold different kinds of cryptographic forms of money, subsequently tackling the bother of overseeing various wallets for each sort of tokens.
  • They have a ready framework by means of artificial intelligence so beginner clients can more readily direct themselves when exchanging or dealing with their speculations, something that isn't regular in any of the current trades
  • The cryptographic forms of money put away in the wallet can be handily spent on any online business stage that acknowledges advanced resources as an installment technique
  • They permit the transformation of digital currencies into fiat cash
  • The wallet will be accessible for all versatile and web working frameworks
  • It's anything but a valuable choice to store tokens that are not recorded in extremely well known trades
  • They have plans to bring to the table later on, nuclear trades between various blockchains
  • They offer great security components while dealing with our wallet, since the private keys may be in our ownership
  • Contrasted with different trades, with midas convention numerous sorts of requests can be put: restricted, restricted stop, contingent, and so forth
  • It's anything but another and creating project, which has a great deal of rivalry in the current market.
  • It's anything but a venture yet exceptionally perceived in the business they actually have far to go

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

The Midas protocol is an encrypted wallet for it to store various coins in a single wallet instead of having multiple wallets for a coin. Dr. David Nguyen is chaired and Than Le is the CEO. The Midas protocol has a local identifier with the symbol MAS. It also works with the Mcash team.M-is not just a simple wallet, because it can write programs in the wallet and make money every day. It can deposit, exchange, share and store money in its users. The integration of Dex and Cex exchanges makes…

  • The site looks pretty good
  • There is very little information on the site
  • No support services

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Evaluation of the Midas protocol project and its open ecosystem

Midas protocol is a founded project from the Vietnamese team, Midas wallet and the accompanying ecosystem is what they stated in the white paper to solve the problems of storing digital money as well as exchanging them on the spot. They claim that traders as well as novices can easily get used to the ecosystem they create. Focusing on developing crypto wallets that store cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and other popular coins, they also develop their own transaction system with ROI rankings…

  • Midas wallets and their ecosystem solves some of the problems facing decentralized exchanges and existing wallets.
  • Easy to use for both traders and Newbie
  • The white paper has many languages ​​so that investors can learn easily about the project
  • Supports storing multiple coins and tokens on multiple Blockchain platforms
  • The ecosystem is open and has many major partners like Revain
  • Midas and its main product, Midas wallet, suffered fierce competition from big competitors
  • Midas token is listed on a small, low-liquidity exchange
  • Midas wallet users are still not many

Revainrating 4 out of 5

With Midas Protocol: Store, Swap and Stake Your Coins.

Midas Protocol is a kind of crypto wallet that allow the users to store various coins in one wallet rather than having various wallet for each coin. The team has Dr David Nguyen as the chairman and CFO and Than Le as the CEO. Midas Protocol has a native token which has MAS as symbol. It also work in partnership with Mcash team. The wallet goes beyond being an ordinary wallet, because with it , one can earn daily through various program embeded in the wallet. Users can stake, swap, share, and…

  • It is hierachical deterministic wallet.
  • Users store the key by saving the seed phrase.
  • It can be use to store all major cryptoccurencies and some other ones.
  • The wallet is freely available on app store and playstore for both IOS device and android device respectively.
  • It saves one from the hussle of going from one exchange to another.
  • Staking can help one to earn without having to go through the activity of trading which is risky at times.
  • It is an oline wallet, which is open to hackers.
  • Newbies in the crypto arena may be confused at first.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

MidasProtocol Cryptocurrency Platform Combine With Universal Exchange Wallet

MidasProtocol is a Cryptocurrency Platform based on Ethereum blockchain that came into existence in 2017 with headquarter in Singapore under the director of Dr. David Nguyen vu. It aim is to help achieve the world adoption of blockchain technology by providing the most completed range of blockchain products and services for organizations and individuals globally In order to achieve it aim, MidasProtocol designed a universal Crypto wallet combine with Exchange that will be use by Both…

  • It is available on many major platform.
  • It allow users to send cryptocurrencies to family and friends instantly and safely
  • It is a centralized and Decentralized Exchange that does not require sending of API key and private keys to third party
  • It store various types of cryptocurrencies
  • It allow users to spend cryptocurrencies on any E-commerce platform that accept Cryptocurrency payment directly
  • Users can monitor and manage their portfolios directly from the platform
  • It reward with high performance ROI portfolio
  • It gives alarm on every important News. Also allow following and copy trade strategies from top investors and traders.
  • Listed on one Exchange platform
  • It is accepted by little community
  • It has low value in the market
  • It mostly used on it platform not outside

Revainrating 4 out of 5

a project with quite considerable innovations to offer to traders

The world economic system has been perceiving many changes in recent years, especially with the arrival of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to the market. They are an enormous amount of possibilities that can be obtained with them, and many users already know it, but still, despite the fact that the volumes of transactions on a global scale with cryptocurrencies have surpassed even banks that have been established in the industry for years, or the market capitalization of a Fiat…

  • They offer an encrypted wallet, which will support various types of cryptocurrencies, thus solving the inconvenience of managing different wallets for each type of tokens.
  • They have an alert system via AI so that novice users can better guide themselves when trading or managing their investments, something that is not very common in any of the existing exchanges
  • The cryptocurrencies stored in the wallet can be easily spent on any e-commerce platform that accepts digital assets as a payment method
  • They allow the conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat money
  • The wallet will be available for all mobile and web operating systems
  • It will be a very useful alternative to store tokens that are not listed in very popular exchanges
  • They have plans to offer in the future, atomic exchanges between different blockchains
  • They offer good security mechanisms when managing our wallet, since the private keys will only be in our possession
  • Compared to other exchanges, with midas protocol many types of orders can be placed: limited, limited stop, conditional, etc.
  • It is a new and developing project, which has a lot of competition in the current market.
  • It is not a project yet very recognized in the industry and they still have a long way to go

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Midas Protocol is more than just a wallet!!!

Midas Protocol is a new generation wallet that has potentials to turn the market tide to it's Favour. It's a wallet that supports a large range of coins and tokens. My favorite interaction with the wallet was it's internal centralized and decentralized exchanges built into the wallet which gives its users more convenience with the likes of Kucoin, Binance and Okex among a host of others. It supports it's native currency MAS token which has a very low trading volume. The wallet supports staking

  • Wallet is available for both mobile phones and Personal Computers
  • It's a Decentralized wallet that supports users anonymity and security as the user is in charge of his keys
  • Has an integrated Artificial Intelligence integrated with the app that gives breakdown of recent Profits or Loss of each asset held due to market swings
  • The best part of its wallet, inbuilt Centralized and Decentralized Exchange in the wallet which allows direct token exchange without moving funds
  • It's a multi versatile wallet supporting a long range of coins and Tokens
  • Has an understandable GUI but it's not appealing enough
  • Has a lot of competition

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Intelligent, smart network

Midas Protocol is basically a smart network for virtual currency traders, including novices to professionals. It provides an encrypted, routinely updated wallet that stores different forms of digital currencies. Midas Protocol provides an Intelligent network for research and exchange straight from the Midas wallet, with the maximum degree of privacy and protection. Transactions are registered locally, ensuring the private keys are never circulated beyond. You may also use Midas to spend…

  • Decentralized non custodial wallet
  • Privacy and security
  • Integrated with many e-commerce platforms
  • Routine crypto news and updates
  • Portfolio management
  • Not enough marketing and promotion
  • A lot of similar wallets are available
  • Limited functionality

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Decentralized platform for cryptocurrency financial services.

Basically its main support are the services offered by its ecosystem, exchange wallet. It supports BTC, ETH, and all ERC-20, Dash, Riple, Tron tokens, among other chains are compatible with its protocol. This project issued the Midas token for its financing, in addition to subsidies approved by the members of the project, this is done in a decentralized way, but its usefulness is basically to finance any project that allows progress in technology related to MidasProtocol. In general…

  • Backed up with the services offered by MIDAS.
  • Decentralized wallet and without custody of user data.
  • Easy to use.
  • The token has little utility off the platform.
  • Currently there are other wallets that offer similar services.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Most secure and user-friendly multi-coin wallet.

It is bringing transparency and security for all of its users in the blockchain, It is an overall wallet made for everyone, from new users to authorities. It is most inventive wallet for all principal crypto needs, from oversight, smart trading and portfolio the executives. Complete receptiveness inside the wallet and clients making something that has not been done already. Over the previous years, they're growing a solid biological system has progressively been focused by numerous…

  • We can associate and spend crypto on any e-commerce platform that acknowledge crypto payment.
  • We can trade with both decentralized/concentrated exchanges without sending private key or API key to any outside gathering.
  • Portfolio checking and overseeing capacity with transactions/trades details.
  • Rewards with elite ROI portfolio.
  • It is accessible on both mobile gadgets and PCs.
  • You can only trade MAS on an exchange, as the liquidity and volume are much lower in the others.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Trading wallet created for crypto-traders

Midas Protocol, introduced in the market to solve problems in the management of assets, payments and multi-chain exchanges, with multiplatform compatibility, solved the user community, as well as being available to any user, whether experienced or inexperienced. Through the wallet that it provides, all the services it provides, such as AI-assisted market analysis, price alerts and the ease of connecting with centralized and decentralized exchanges without the need to send the private key.…

  • Intelligent platform created for crypto-traders, with or without experience
  • Provides various trading analysis tools through mobile wallet
  • Allows direct trade with exchanges without the need to integrate the private key
  • Multi-chain portfolio with broad operation and low use of resources
  • Provides AI-assisted price news and alerts
  • It has encryption and privacy security
  • It has broad competitors in the market.
  • It occupies a certain amount of storage on the mobile device.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

MidasProtocol MAS: More than just a simple Wallet

The Midas project was born with the mission of consolidating itself as a powerful Wallet with multiple functions without leaving the platform. It is aimed at large corporate clients, through small and medium-sized companies to individuals. The mission is to provide an optimal and comprehensive service to any segment. The Midas protocol operates under the Ethereum platform and the main functions it offers are: McashChain and dApps decentralized electronic payment platform with no cost per…

  • Versatile and functional Wallet
  • Platform open to more functionalities and developments
  • Very low token and little commercial

Revainrating 3 out of 5


MidasProtocol is an ecosystem that promises total integration of several products in one place, store, payments, receipts, dApps, and much more. I particularly found the project very interesting, as it has many partners behind the project. Another point that caught my attention was the amount of information provided on its official website which I really liked, it only made me a little worried was its social networks, mainly Telegram which has just over 2 thousand participants which for me is…

  • Site with lots of information
  • Several power partners behind the project
  • little movement on your social networks
  • still listed on a few exchanges

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Midas Protocol: The Value of an Universal Multi-Service Wallet

Midas Protocol is a wallet with institutional initiatives and great purposes that are currently providing services, not for a global audience bit for a universal one. This means the company is actively working with services for everyone since they are more than a wallet. I like this product because it permits us to recreate multiple operations for more than storing. Here users can swap, trade, list, and stake. But they can also do two important actions of necessary Recognition for global tradin

  • Multi-currency wallet with great entries for lost of coins. There are not major limits among the currencies a user can find on it. Moreover, It permits manual additions for common tokens that are not in any top.
  • It has lots of practical features to manage and organized the digital finances stored in the wallet. It acts through an asset portfolio.
  • It provides Reliable and profitable value for many coins that are first in the top.
  • The exchange services are great. Although it works with standard options, it is really good because of the rapid it runs to set a good deal.
  • Digital partners that belong to the class of financial programs open institutions are of great support for the company.
  • There are issues with token of this company since it is not a practical one and has low recognition among users. They just prefer to use the wallet as global product instead of trading with company.
  • It requires updates for the security patch that is currently protecting the system. It is good, but it also requires more content to understand how it works.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

MidasProtocol: A one stop shop for all your cryptocurrency transactions

Midas Protocol (MAS) is a universal and secure crypto blockchain project that packs a lot of amazing and fascinating features. Some of the facilities on the platform are itemized one after the other in this review: 1. MidasProtocol Wallet which allows you to Store, Swap, Spend, Share, Stake, and transact a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The crypto currency support is in 3 phases Phase 1: Bitcoin and Ethereum (all ERC20 tokens inclusive) Phase 2: Dash, XZC, NEO and NEP-5 tokens…

  • Available to use on iOS, Android, web, Windows, and Mac
  • MidasProtocol tokens can’t be mined.
  • The platform may be too difficult for a beginner to navigate due to multiple functions
  • Low capitalization
  • Token is still not well traded on popular exchanges

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good wallet. It works fine

Midas Protocol is a multi cryptocurrency wallet with good tools and support. While, the native token(MAS) is without forces on the market. The MidasProtocol wallet is in search of a place among the best wallets on the market

  • MidasProtocol offers a wallet with nice features and good support
  • Wallet avaiable for iOs, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • Project has some interesting partners and investors
  • Project is ative on social networks
  • Wallet with security and privacy.
  • A small number of exchanges are trading the Midas Protocol token
  • Token (MAS) has price and trading volume (DIARY) very low
  • This token is not mineable.
  • There is a large number of cryptowallets on the market. Strong competition

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Midas protocol is raising the bar.

Midas Protocol aims to spread crypto adoption with their wide range of cryptocurrency related products, which together is called the Midas Ecosystem. $MAS is a Utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain, and is used for making payments within the Midas Ecosystem. At first glanced of the official website you really feel this projects knows whats its doing and is professional enough to be trusted with your funds. Trading volume of $MAS is a bit lower than usual but that could be…

  • Official multi-cryptocurrency wallet for Android and IOS mobile.
  • A lot of strategic partnerships, and working products backing the coin.
  • Good social media activity.
  • Recently updated on Github.
  • Listed on only a handful of Exchanges.
  • No desktop wallet indicated.