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MX Token

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Price$ 1.21
Volume$ 108,626,978.80

About MX Token

A Worldwide Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Launched by senior quantitative trading teams form Wall St., Europe and Japan in the form of distributed organizations, MXC is committed to providing digital assets followers worldwide with secured, fast, and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading services.

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MX Token syn.

The project is a global cryptocurrency trading platform formed by Wall St., Europe and Japan, in the form of organizations distributed by large trading groups, and the project is a cryptocurrency…See more

MX Token (MX): is a business representation platform, one of the main.

MX Token (MX): is a business representation platform, one of the main positions in the market has a very complete system for various transactions with cryptomonies, buying and selling, exchanges and…See more

The MX Token (MX)

The MX Token (MX), is a token which operates perfectly, from the MX trading platform, which is dedicated to exchange digital currencies, where the MX Token (MX), works as an exchange currency, also…See more

MX is the native token of the MXC trading platform

MX Token (MX) is a decentralized digital asset developed by MXC based on Ethereum. It is the proof of stake in MXC communities holders enjoy the rights to vote in MXC ecosystem, elect MXC team…See more