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Review on Mysterium by Benaiah A. Akinlade

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Mysterious Mysterium uncovered

Mysterium Network aims to be fully decentralized, peer to peer based and serverless VPN node network, designed to provide privacy restoring techniques to its users and financial incentivization to its node operators (providers). It is powered by blockchain and is preparing to dispatch its ICO. That ICO was booked to occur between May 30 and June 29, 2017.
The goal of Mysterium Network is to give decentralized, safe access to the internet using a VPN powered by blockchain technology.
The company was established by Robertas Visinskis. Mysterium Network has banded together with Bitcoin Suisse AG, MME, and TokenMarket up until now.
How Does Mysterium Network Work?
Mysterium Network uses the Ethereum blockchain. Users can offer unused network limit onto the network to users who require an anonymous VPN service.
As the authority Mysterium Network site explains it, the platform is an “open sourced network allowing anybody to lease their unused network activity, while providing a protected association for those in require”.
The platform depends on a mind boggling design revolving around P2P, blockchain, Smart Contracts, State Channels, and other cryptocurrency-style advances.
Qualities of MYST
Infinitely Scalable, assembled using P2P engineering. Without single point of disappointment – no focal company or server.
Open Source
All source code is constantly unmistakable, empowering contributions.
Intended for Privacy
Features of MYST
Mysterium Network acts as a marketplace, its Open Source software allows anyone to join the network both as a provider
– selling unused network traffic or as a customer
– buying VPN service from other Mysterium Network providers.
Mysterium Network is based on a complex architecture revolving around Peer2peer P2P, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, State Channels, etc.
Mysterium Netowrk is infinitely Scalable, built using P2P architecture, without single point of failure which means that there is no central company or server.
Mysterium offers powerful encryption, Node Reputation, Layered Protection Protocols, etc
Powerful encryption, Node Reputation, Layered Protection Protocols, etc All working to help you securely and secretly partake in the Network.
The fascinating idea of a decentralized VPN network, and the low market top of this cryptocurrency could imply that if the project succeeds the valuation will soar rapidly.
Surprisingly, there are no updates about MYST cryptocurrency experiences from the development team.
I believe MYST could do better later on, but the absence of correspondence is unacceptable.
I suggest putting a hold on investing significant wholes of your money on MYST until there is clarity with respect to this project.
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  • Open Source
  • Intended for Privacy
  • Decentralized Infinitely Scalable
  • assembled using P2P engineering.
  • Powerful encryption
  • Node Reputation
  • Layered Protection Protocols
  • Poor communication: The information about MYST is outdated
  • The absence of correspondence is unacceptable.

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