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Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Mysterium

Mysterium (MYST) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2017and operates on the Ethereum platform. Mysterium has a current supply of 32,433,365 with 20,033,628 in circulation. The last known price of Mysterium is 0.26257196 USD and is down -1.50 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 28 active market(s) with $170,831.59 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://mysterium.network/.


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Type of review

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mysterious Mysterium uncovered

Mysterium Network aims to be fully decentralized, peer to peer based and serverless VPN node network, designed to provide privacy restoring techniques to its users and financial incentivization to its node operators (providers). It is powered by blockchain and is preparing to dispatch its ICO. That ICO was booked to occur between May 30 and June 29, 2017. The goal of Mysterium Network is to give decentralized, safe access to the internet using a VPN powered by blockchain technology. The

  • Open Source
  • Intended for Privacy
  • Decentralized Infinitely Scalable
  • assembled using P2P engineering.
  • Powerful encryption
  • Node Reputation
  • Layered Protection Protocols
  • Poor communication: The information about MYST is outdated
  • The absence of correspondence is unacceptable.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Simply a great Crypto VPN

First of all, as someone who uses Mysterium, I can say that it really serves as a very successful vpn. You can make your connections flawlessly and earn crypto money without any obstacles. Mysterium, like many, uses Blockchanin infrastructure and is a crypto system running on Ethereum. Mysterium is a P2P VPN that allows you to evaluate your cryptocurrencies the way you want, comfortably and without hindrance wherever you are in the world. There is no stolen or vulnerability because it…

  • Your safety and speed at the top level
  • It is used in many browsers.
  • No negative features

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Highly efficient unobstructed internet

Mysterium is a crypto money project running on an Ethereum network created with blockchain technology. Mysterium's purpose is the internet without censorship. It is a project where you can freely surf the Internet and earn crypto money by sharing content without encountering any blocking. Performs these operations with P2P VPN. Some features of Mysterium; 1) Extremely fast connections on the global node network 2) Universally accessible and confidential 3) With Web 3 algorithm, there is no

  • Next generation VPN created with blockchain technology
  • Anonymously created links are extremely efficient
  • Because it is decentralized, unimpeded connections can be made
  • Cryptocurrency value unknown

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Good project. It can make some difference soon

Mysterium Network is a P2P VPN. You pay to use a node’s IP. Through decentralized technology this project(dVPNs) offers better benefits than compared to other technologies as Tor and VPN. But, it is a new project that still needs improvements and affirmation in the market.

  • it`s enough an internet connection and you can join the Web 3. Easy to use and the Mysterium offers good server speed
  • Nice support directly from the app.
  • You can use cryptocurrencies for pay for the use of the service with privacy and anonymity
  • App available on Windows, Mac and Android.
  • Protection protocols and encryption guarantee your privacy and anonymity. It claims to be proof of any hacker invasion
  • Their P2P network is made up of everyday web users who earn crypto. You can earn crypto selling VPN services
  • Mysterium is available in almost 50 countries
  • Mysterium Mysterium project developed a native token (MYST) that operates on the Ethereum platform. Token is available to trade in some exchanges
  • The app needs some improvements
  • Token has low price and trading volume. Available only in 2 exchanges until the moment

Revainrating 5 out of 5

High trust currency

Today is very problematic to find trustable currency for investing, especially after turning ETH to PoS. Mysterium seems to be a good coin on Ethereum algorythm. It is currently trading on 21 active markets and big platforms with over $54k traded over the last day. So perspective I think!

  • Ethereum
  • many markets trading it
  • Young

Mysterium is a lightweight developed resource on the Ethereum blockchain. The P2P VPN consists of an engine that includes stage exercises that wait for the organization to expose unlimited access to every part of the web, create payments, and integrate with free Dapps restrictions. Returning to the present point, we also have a Mysterium project moving forward in this sense. Mysterium also has a page. This page provides very unique and sufficient information and it will be very useful. It is…

  • The edge cut off by blockchain news is VPN
  • No problems

Mysterium is a computerized resource facilitated on the Ethereum blockchain. It establishes the motor that works the exercises of the stage that plans to translate the hindrances of oversight in the organization to make a P2P VPN to venture to every part of the web without boundaries, disperse the association with create pay and foster control free Dapps. Token: The advanced resource that works the exchanges of the Mysterium network is known by the abbreviation MYST. Working: Mysterium…

  • It offers internet providers liberated from oversight, private and secure
  • Gives full access VPN administrations to everybody without limitations
  • The worth of the cryptographic money is low and unpredictable.

Mysterium is a digital asset hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. It constitutes the engine that operates the activities of the platform that aims to decipher the barriers of censorship in the network to create a P2P VPN to travel the internet without barriers, distribute the connection to generate income and develop censorship-free Dapps. Token: The digital asset that operates the transactions of the Mysterium network is known by the acronym MYST. Functioning: Mysterium Network is a…

  • It offers internet services free of censorship, private and secure
  • Provides full access VPN services for everyone without restrictions
  • Manages a worldwide network of network servers for residential IP.
  • The value of the cryptocurrency is low and volatile.

Revainrating 5 out of 5


From the first time I became acquainted with the blockchain network, I thought its design was more like VPS and the transfer of cryptocurrencies was actually similar to using a VPN. Now, with my research on mysterium, I realized that this resemblance is more than I thought. mysterium is a unique network (of course in terms of network idea), with the help of this network, we can access a kind of VPN with blockchain technology! When using VPNs, I was always afraid of being stolen by my owners…

  • Compared to TOR (browser) and VPN features, it is stronger and more secure
  • Provide decentralized VPNs
  • Great idea
  • does not have

Mysterium is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with the goal of being a decentralized VPN. Its mission is to provide decentralized and reliable access to the Internet using a VPN with revolutionary blockchain technology. Plan to provide a VPN with an Airbnb or Booking style system for network traffic that you do not use. It offers a real alternative, a decentralized open source and encrypted VPN solution with levels of privacy far superior to those offered by centralized VPN providers.

  • Privacy.
  • Free and uncensored browsing.
  • It is the next generation for VPNS.
  • You can earn rewards by running your VPN provider node.
  • Still in development.
  • Little known.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Mysterium: Interesting Internet and VPN Network project

A free and liberated Internet for all is basically the purpose of this project, I am one of those who think and I am convinced that the Internet should be free and reach everyone in the world. The internet gives you access to knowledge and that is vital for every human being. What should be paid are services that can be offered on the internet, at the end of the day providing a good service and having a remuneration for it is the business. There is currently a large well-known company that has…

  • Interesting project with good prospects
  • Option to earn money
  • Stable token and good forecasts
  • It operates only in 40 countries worldwide
  • It requires a long learning curve to join the project if you are a beginner.
  • Very little diffusion on the network

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The world's first, decentralised VPN (dVPN)

Today,​​ as ​​Internet ​​users , ​​we ​​are ​​being ​​restricted ​​in ​​ways ​​we ​​are ​​allowed ​​to ​​use ​​services ​​and applications​​ due ​​to ​​censorship ​​employed ​​by​​ various ​​agenda​​ groups ​​from ​​all ​​over​​ the ​​world. ​​It comes ​​to ​​us ​​in ​​many​​ forms. In​​ a ​​similar ​​manner, ​​content ​​and ​​Internet ​​Service ​​Providers ​​have ​​become ​​unhinged​​ in​​ their objective​​ to​​ monitor,​​ track​​ and​​ profile​​ every​​ user​​ across​​ the ​​ Internet.​​The​​

  • Open source
  • Access to thousands of residential IP across the globe
  • Advanced networking features
  • Incentive mechanisms with integrity
  • Enhanced privacy with easy to use API
  • The project is relatively new and requires additional improvements and promotion

Revainrating 4 out of 5


With time, and in some little space blockchain technology will be dominant in major places around the globe, where people day to day activities will mostly depends on blockchain network to operate conveniently in their business sectors. Mysterium network is one of these blockchain project with good potential that will secure users access on the internet, it reduces the rate of internet theft secure users connection on the internet by providing them with anonymous identity when surfing the…

  • Good decentralized blockchain network initiated to secure users activities online
  • Network token can be used for making transaction on the platform and exchanging platforms
  • Information on the platform are well explanatory for users to understand
  • Free test net for Android users as of time of writing this article
  • More advertising method need to used to attract new users

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Improving Decentralization for Offering Something Unique

Certain blockchain projects go to the main purpose that offers freedom not only for financial tasks but to the sites they frequently use to execute their tasks. Offering this means that users will have all the necessary to be the owner of the network they manage. Mysterium belongs, then, to those sorts of projects that are committed to building a new age of the internet in which they plan to convert it into something private and autonomous. It means their purpose is aimed to decentralize the…

  • Good selection of information and network management where the company offers the most essential faqs to know their entire purpose.
  • A very committed project and part of the digital world's change. They are listed on this year as a really viewed project. It is followed by thousands through different media sites.
  • There are more than 40 countries that already enjoy the benefits of working this blockchain, and the project is raising every day a global audience because they want to provide internet for all beyond corporative institutions.
  • List of benefits proved as the most reliable after the Tor private network. They both share similitudes, but Mysterium is faster and more encrypted. The platform is just an amazing design from modern technology.
  • The network is looking for developing a browser for mobiles partnered to android that is not reliable yet.