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Review on Neo by Flourish Titilope (Abesther)

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Neo value and performance so far is amazing

NEO is a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform that can enhance virtual property and smart contracts. Neo uses technology to connect human communities and authorities on a large scale. Its blockchain will enforce P2P networks, virtual certificates and inter-chain interactions. When Antshares changed its name on June 22, 2017, NEO appeared here. Its expert image should be reduced to "NEO"; in Greek, this period means "novelty and youth". The basic asset of the NEO blockchain is its indivisible NEO currency, which additionally generates all other GAS tokens to pay for the transaction costs caused by the package. It is the leading open source decentralized cryptocurrency platform launched in China and is a direct competitor of Ethereum. NEO coin may become the platform of the post-era intelligent financial system, which has enjoyed a huge reputation and is well-known for its rapid rise. But the more you see, the more you can speak. Superconducting transactions and dBFT consensus technology effectively manage intellectual property rights within a secure and legally binding framework.

This is a brand new plan, it can attract more customers, attract more customers, many people have many structures to choose from, and it works well. It's not wrong to mention it now. As this Neo, it is a fast and easy-to-calculate calculation method and provides our customers with useful tariffs in the form of specific answers. NEO is a high-profile approach of the Chinese government media, positioning the token as a "public cloud" as the remaining blockchain platform that the company will eventually use. As a barrier and decentralized association, the largest and most beautiful automated Neo coin can be replaced by faster and cheaper currencies, simply created coins and coins expressed in currency.

Exciting Best Minutes allows producers to use standard programming dialects. Regardless of the support, the level of traditional companies remains unchanged. Let's talk about the many possibilities and use cases offered by NEO Coin. NEO helps improve many decentralized software packages through continuous improvement strategies and tools. Smart funds, artificial intelligence-based criminal smart contracts, and decentralized exchanges are all part of such decentralized applications. Buying NEO is not difficult, because it can be obtained through any method currently available on the market.

Now the question is, how and where do you store your NEO coins. There is no doubt that NEO is accepted and is a tool to attract buyers, and may have more features than Ethereum. It is too early to stop, but they are clearly taking advantage of low barrier access points.

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  • Neo supports dApps
  • It converts traditional assets to digital ones
  • It also has a high level of compatibility.
  • It fluctuates a lot

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