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Review on Neo by Ceren Taskiran

What is the prediction for the NEO coin?

I first heard the neo coin as the chinese ethereum. There is a lot of talk in the cryptocurrency world. neo is basically blockchain based. I can make smart contracts and decentralized applications. smart contracts come to me as the fashion of the future and seem applicable in real life. smart contracts come to me as the fashion of the future and seem applicable in real life.

I bought exactly neocoin. So it is an indivisible cryptocurrency. Think of it as shares of a company but cannot be divided. I earned gas by holding neocoin in my wallet. This allowed me to trade on the blockchain. but I used gas coins for transaction fees because it splits. Geo has grown in value a lot lately and has been good news for some users. This is a good case, developed in neo china, because china seems to have the largest cryptocurrency exchange.

It has become very difficult to predict prices for neo, even for experienced investors like me. So investing seems to be a bit of a chance. I think neo coin would be a bad investment compared to other crypto currencies. However, they have more technical advantages over ethereum and seems to attract corporate interest.

There are too many factors for the neocoin to be successful in the future, and if it uses them well, their value can be greatly increased. In my opinion, it is very easy to code on the neo platform. I couldn't see this in other cryptocurrencies. I saw something called the smart economy while using neo and it means it can digitize any stock here. So, for example, if you rent your house, you can enter a smart contract with your tenant. For example, you can add a digital key condition such that the house can be shared with the tenant only after receiving the rent.

The smart economy idea seems to be futuristic and I think it will work very well. neo can compete with other cryptocurrencies because the smart economy puts it ahead. overall it was very easy and comfortable to use. I didn't see many problems, but there were some cons. Finally, it seems to me that there is no investment.

Pros & cons

  • The future looks bright thanks to the smart contract.
  • By keeping the neo coin in your wallet, you earn gas, which allows you to trade on neo blockchain.
  • Technical advantages of neo platform over Ethereum
  • There is an increasing interest of institutional investors to neo.
  • It is very good that neo focuses on digitization of shares that are not limited to digital money.
  • an indivisible cryptocurrency.
  • It does not make sense to invest as the price is unpredictable.