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Revainrating 1 out of 5  
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Revainrating 1 out of 5

a potential scam pretending to be the next generation of NEO

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there are many ways to scam. They can be done during an ICO, applying pump and dump techniques, with unprofessional airdrops or there are even some that intend to create currencies very similar to existing ones to generate confusion and attract users. Such is the case of NEOX, which claimed to be a "new generation" of the well-known NEO cryptocurrency. Neox intended to create an interoperability protocol between chains, in which transactions between different

  • nothing positive here
  • They pretended to be the new generation of NEO, something totally false since that project admitted that they had nothing to do with NEOX
  • It is not known who was behind this project
  • There is no record of any whitepaper on the net
  • The project is delisted from coinmarketcap and coingecko
  • their social networks are inactive as well as your website that is closed
  • They used bots that placed positive comments on their twitter account

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This project is not available, stay away from this project.

The NEOX crypto platform has been created for trading users. It operates on a diverse and cryptocurrency network. Some of the pages in this project need precise ordering at a higher level than before. Currently, the project website is working well. His transactions seem to be low too, which means that his coin is small. But I was trying to track down good account information in this project. And then I wanted to show other users what is happening in this project. Of course, the project needs…

  • No positives to highlight.
  • This cryptocurrency is not available on any exchange.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

My understanding about the project NEOX

In the realm of digital currencies, there are numerous approaches to trick. They should be possible during an ICO, applying siphon and dump procedures, with amateurish airdrops or there are even some that plan to make monetary standards basically the same as existing ones to produce disarray and draw in clients. Such is the situation of NEOX, which professed to be "another age" of the notable NEO digital money. Neox planned to make an interoperability convention between chains, in which…

  • nothing certain here
  • They claimed to be the new age of NEO, something absolutely bogus since that venture conceded that they don't had anything to do with NEOX

I am quite surprised to be noticing a lot of guests have come to plagiarize the name of whataburger projects in order to draw attention to themselves and probably provide a pump and dump scheme to steal money from investors. The same as you on the ngo project for which NEOX was built. Is project following some seed rounds began to populate the self using the NEO project as its backing ground to success. At the end it was discovered that this was all a scam. You taking to the history of this…

  • There is no positive comment here
  • This project was an outright scam from the beginning
  • They try to plagiarize the name of the Neo project
  • The use of bots on their Twitter accounts to give them good ratings was also discovered
  • The token has been deleted from many exchanges and its featured as an untracked listing

Revainrating 1 out of 5


NeOx a bad platform for exchanging funds. A while ago when I was making research about this platform I found out that it was a cryptocurrency defined in some site as an update of NEO. This platform was removed recently from coinmarketcap and other sites based on the inaccessibility of this This various social network system has not seem to be working very accurately because the area needs an accurate system of network available. Some website of this cryptocurrency communities has even been…

  • No a good platform
  • Has bad network system
  • No easy accessibility
  • Poor infrastructure

Some of the websites that have been excluded from this cryptocurrency, coinmarketcap and other offer tracking websites are targeted as NEO updates. Since 2019, there has been no news on all sorts of social media and the website has been shut down. If you check the Neox connection in the telegram, you will find that there is no really intensive administrator and almost all the users will find that they are working without finding a definite answer. However, there has been a lot of controversy…

  • There is no change.
  • This cryptocurrency is not available for any exchange.
  • Inactive social networks like your closed page.
  • Online is not available for this plan.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This project is not available stay away from this project.

This cryptocurrency is defined in some sites as an update of NEO, it was removed from coinmarketcap and from other sites where services are followed. In its various social networks it has not had updates since 2019, its website is out of service. When checking the Neox community on Telegram, it can be verified that there is no active administrator and many users ask if it is still active with no apparent answers. In general, if in any exchange you can see this asset listed, you should stay away

  • Without positive aspects to highlight.
  • This cryptocurrency is not available on any exchange.
  • Website is out of service.
  • There are no data on this project.
  • No comments on the internet about this project.