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Ormeus Ecosystem

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innovative mining capacity

The crypto industry immerses us in an infinite and variety of platforms and blockchain services that allow users of digital commerce and intelligent service providers to select and combine the…See more

Ormeus Ecosystem: is a project that integrates e-commerce as a social benefit.

Ormeus Ecosystem (ECO): is a project that integrate electronic commerce as a social advantage, considering the use with blockchain as it opens a door to a more complete and variable trade, it is…See more

Business-backed blockchain smart economy.

The token allows authorized users and decentralized blockchain technologies to share information transparently from app users. The user can be advertised and rewarded every time a cross point chain…See more

Ormeus ecosystem

Ormeus Ecosystem is a new digital money system backed by a fully audited industrial crypto mining operation. Its runs a cross chain, multifactorial data verification and encryted data verification…See more