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Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
Crypto Projects, TRC20

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Description of BitGuild PLAT

BitGuild is a decentralized gaming platform designed to eliminate burdensome fees, fraud, and regulations while creating a tokenized gaming marketplace. Platinum (PLAT) is an ERC20 token that will be used to play BitGuild games, trade on the Marketplace, support projects in the Game Incubator and more.


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Type of review

This is a platform under development that raises the massive use of cryptocurrencies especially using TRX as the main chain on which the general applications of bitguild are developed. The ecosystem of this project includes: -Messaging or chat service compatible with android and iOS. -Extension compatible with browsers, which will support different chains such as ETH, TRX among others. It is currently under development. -Tron-based DEX exchange. The aforementioned supports PLAT, it…

  • Utility token within the Guild ecosystem.
  • Decentralized ecosystem of commercial integration.
  • Platform developed in TRON which makes it easy to use and very economical.
  • The usage characteristics were modified to adapt to the implemented business model.
  • Has a low market volume
  • Most of the associated applications have not been released.

The project is a team of industry veterans who are pushing for blockchain and cryptocurrency acceptance by providing effective accessible persuasive meetings. GuildChat, a crypto social program, and TronTrade, a non-centralized trading company with GuildWallet, which is the easiest to understand application expansion wallet, are closing all chambers to introduce another age by changing the way individuals interact with their advanced products. In addition, the main purpose of the project is to

  • Another Tron-only blockchain project.
  • They don’t offer goals right away, but they can be achieved over time.
  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Indicates an ecosystem-based ecosystem.
  • Market prices are low.
  • It only supports the Tron system.

BitGuild PLAT: is a project that provides the experience of a social network in which you can get tokens through interactions on the website, its market operation mode is decentralized ensures proper functioning within the entire ecosystem Blockchain, this cryptomonen is given for an adoption dedicated to the social industry setting the main guidelines for a new era of digital integration and buying and selling of goods and services. The idea is to potentialize the market with a massive…

  • It currently occupies level 2173 in the market with a capitalization of 15 million USD, with volumes of 5635 USD.
  • It works thanks to 2 file scanners (tronscan) and (trxplorer).
  • The currency can be acquired in the following markets, **PLAT/USDT** | **PLAT/TRX**, with a high level of confidentiality.
  • It has various products, such as GuildChat, which is used for token movements between users, and GuildWallet which is used to store the crypto-currency tokens that the user may have.
  • In the thanks of its actions we can see that in the last 24 hours it is constantly up and down, a little unstable and registers loss volumes of 1.5 million USD less.
  • Its market value is low, it has to reach 1USD or improve its price.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

BitGuild: Another Blockchain Project Running Only Through Tron

BitGuild is another decentralized Blockchain project trying to improve the current status of the cryptocurrency adoptions by promoting some good services that come from its roots. This network is supported by the Tron chain and has some good operativity and trading volume thanks to it. They, besides, want to show people how the adoption of cryptos can be taken, and ensure that it is an action with regarding incomes for the future. As I can see they do not offer an immediate goal, but just that…

  • It was totally updated in 2020, and during the last months, it has been presenting good outcomes from its services.
  • It's is a project that believes in productivity through the contribution of leading digital companies in external sites where the team integrated their services.
  • It has a standard but a nice platform with good content and clear definitions as well as clear white-paper.
  • Services like wallets, exchanges, and digital communities are opened to attentions of users, and all of them works with great velocity.
  • It's a project that despite all the innovation it can offer, it is still similar to others and provides a repeated plan of development.
  • Their token is having good value and operativity, currently. This is because of the volume registered on the exchanges.
  • Most of the services it already offers were released this year, and they are still too new to measure how reliable are they.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

blockchain-based products

Bitguild comes from a change of plans that had the vision of creating an ecosystem based on the decentralization of games capable of offering blockchain-based games where its food token its ecosystem all based on the Ethereum network, however they presented several problems, in Some of which, like transaction processing and fees, were disastrous, in addition to integrating several very low-level games in which their developers ran out of capital and the community they maintained was declining.

  • Team made up of engineers and blockchain experts.
  • It integrates a blockchain social application with multiple functions and adapted in several languages.
  • It has innovative features and updates of its products for this year.
  • It contains a browser extension that allows you to manage cryptocurrencies, manage payments and interact with various blockchains.
  • It contains an Exchange that is fully managed by smart contracts on the Tron network.
  • Your homepage has some link redirection errors.
  • His blockchain social app (Guild Chat) is relatively new to the Google app store.
  • The project comes from a change of functions and products, due to the unfortunate scheme and structure that they previously maintained in the development of blockchain-based games.
  • The network change has not had good results for your token
  • At the moment its browser extension (Guildwallet) only supports the Tron network.
  • The information and application of your exchange (TronTrade) is limited.