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Review on BitGuild PLAT by José A Rodríguez

BitGuild: Another Blockchain Project Running Only Through Tron

BitGuild is another decentralized Blockchain project trying to improve the current status of the cryptocurrency adoptions by promoting some good services that come from its roots. This network is supported by the Tron chain and has some good operativity and trading volume thanks to it. They, besides, want to show people how the adoption of cryptos can be taken, and ensure that it is an action with regarding incomes for the future. As I can see they do not offer an immediate goal, but just that can be reached with time passing by.

The company, moreover, let users decide what way they want their financial immersion to be. It means that they are in charge of how the process of cryptocurrency adoption will cover their economy. This includes the fact that it is a protective blockchain and keeps them save of privacy risks. Although so many people do not believe it, the cryptocurrency market is still short compared with the high and elementary place that has real money of extreme capital. Even more, many people in the world still do not have any token to trade. So, BitGuild is trying to go against those common issues and provide a limited population with the chance to enter the crypto-world. I should consider this is a good initiative, but as real and expertise traders recognized this blockchain is still short for the goal they expect to reach. They are not an innovative project, but a sum of collective actions and features through general blockchain growth.

The ecosystem of this platform is formed by four major causes that sustain what they want to offer. However, those actions should be implemented continuously to decide if it can be totally reliable. On the other hand, the project is completed by a set of services the company provides to traders and clients. This includes a standard wallet where to store their token and trade it in an open exchange market. It also has a community where to interact with other crypto-holders, and where users can set plans to improve the chains and become developers of external networks supported by Tron.

The project was totally released in 2019, but it was this year when it reached a good position on its roadmap by offering the list of services discussed before. Because of that period of time it has had, some users are still assessing the scope it could have for the coming years and the future plans the company would like to offer.

For now, I just can finish by adding that this blockchain is not totally bad, but as the cryptocurrency market already has many similar projects, the team from BitGuild should improve their current plan to motivate their project to become a scalable one. Even more, they also have to thin on the external sites where to grow their digital community and keep posting daily outcomes that talk about its activity.

Pros & cons

  • It was totally updated in 2020, and during the last months, it has been presenting good outcomes from its services.
  • It's is a project that believes in productivity through the contribution of leading digital companies in external sites where the team integrated their services.
  • It has a standard but a nice platform with good content and clear definitions as well as clear white-paper.
  • Services like wallets, exchanges, and digital communities are opened to attentions of users, and all of them works with great velocity.
  • It's a project that despite all the innovation it can offer, it is still similar to others and provides a repeated plan of development.
  • Their token is having good value and operativity, currently. This is because of the volume registered on the exchanges.
  • Most of the services it already offers were released this year, and they are still too new to measure how reliable are they.