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Review on Proof Of Liquidity by Jimmy Centeno

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Proof Of Liquidity (POL): is a project that becomes an alternative in commercial protocols.

Proof Of Liquidity (POL): is a project that becomes an alternative in commercial protocols, applying the growth of the market and seeks the greatest influence of commercial investors, its technologies allows to maintain a market without any types of custodians free and public for all, ensuring productivity and commercial balance, is a project that is developed on a service platforms that works based on the needs of users and seeks to offer greater commercial liquidity in its currency, linked to the blockchain network that studies the commercial processes and establish a better process in the execution of its mechanism , security and increased all its evaluative process, is a project that had a slow development in the market due to the strong demand that currently exists for the protocols and seeks to ensure better services and higher level of security in all processes, its currency serves as a medium of exchange and establish a better commercial scheme of the whole process and ensures a utility between users, it seeks to be increasingly used as a means of direct payment between merchants, It can make use of a complete control over the levels of liquidity that currently exist and establish and maintain low inflation rates, which ensures a more stable currency and does not suffer much instability, this type of project is aimed at the development of small businesses taking into account the participation of the community and the growing market.

  • Establishes the constant growth of the market, improving the liquidity offered.
  • It offers different types of protocols according to the needs of each user at a commercial level.
  • Establish a very dynamic market where you can perform various exchanges, with low rate per movement.
  • It is a project that still requires further development at the system level, increase its presence in the market and improve its advertising system about its project.

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