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QLC Chain

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Price$ 0.02
Volume$ 340,860.20

About QLC Chain

QLC Chain is creating a decentralised NaaS infrastructure using #Blockchain #BlockLattice

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Next generation blockchain based on the Neo.

This is an ambitious project, aimed at disrupting the established telecom industry with huge users. It's built on an advanced, multi-dimensional version of the block lattice framework with smart…See more

Mobile system built on blockchains

QLC is the right of use for measuring the network capacity, it is a project related to its possession. They want to solve the security problem of data sharing in the communication world. QLink is a…See more

Decentralized and transparent telecom services.

It is a decentralized network-as-a-service platform. Also, it is a blockchain protocol that enables smart contracts and facilitates the development of dapps. Its goal is to bring individuals and…See more

QLC Chain: Platform for a Decentralized Network-as-a-Service

Qlink is building a platform for distributed telecommunications. Rather than receiving your phone service from a wireless service provider, Qlink imagines a system where you buy connections from…See more