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About Quasarcoin

Metadium is the next-generation identity protocol powered by blockchain technology.

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travel services management platform

Conservation of the environment is an increasingly present policy on many crypto platforms; due to the damage caused by the emission and consumption of large volumes of energy sponsored by the…See more

QuasarCoin The Environmentally Friendly Coin

Environmental friendly innovations and developments in various kinds of technology today, are what makes the world more exciting today. We can benefit greatly from the kind of technologies we use…See more

A platform that has made great strides.

Wise travel is called a wonderful journey as an idea derived from appropriate exchange. Since the 2000s, environmental pollution has become a mirror in Europe and other English-speaking countries…See more

Ecosystem that integrates services used by travelers

When we make a trip, whether for pleasure or business; we hope to enjoy a comfortable experience. Thinking about minimizing the risks to which travelers are exposed in their trajectory; the…See more

Quasarcoin: a savvy elective when you need to go with numerous business highlights.

Quasarcoin (QAC): is a task is centered around improving its exchanging technique, permitting enters the market less simultaneous, striving to build their volumes of procurement and offer of its…See more

Quasarcoin: a cost-effective alternative when you need to travel with many commercial features.

Quasarcoin (QAC): is a project is focused on improving its trading strategy, allowing enters the market less concurrent, working hard to increase their volumes of purchase and sale of its currency…See more

Quasarcoin (QAC) focuses on a currency for travelers.

The Quasarcoin project (QAC) focuses on a currency for travelers, with immediate exchange within its Blockchain system, with a simple payment method with API technology, its main use is for…See more

Decentralized market for travelers

Project that is mainly aimed at those travelers who require use of the Blockchain and its financial services, Quasar can offer these services given how it is designed and that it is adapted to be…See more