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Review on Quasarcoin by David Olayide

QuasarCoin The Environmentally Friendly Coin

Environmental friendly innovations and developments in various kinds of technology today, are what makes the world more exciting today. We can benefit greatly from the kind of technologies we use today, because at the same time they do not harm the environment around us. Even in the fields of finance and economy there is an attempt to reduce the bad effects that afflict the environment. Various cryptocurrency projects for example, have opted for a more efficient and less energy consuming mining process to reduce the amount of power being consumed. QuasarCoin is one of such cryptocurrencies that aims to work with travelers and also conserve energy as well. QuasarCoin is designed to provide a host of smart services that will make it easier for travelers to carry out their activities easily. With A easy to use payment system, as well as an instant transaction system to minimize the variability of cryptocurrency, in business it provides discounts through discounted quasar credit cards within the Quasar platform. The cryptocurrency has a circulating supply of 0 QAC coins and a maximum supply of 368 Million. STEX is one of the most important cryptocurrency exchange platforms that trades the coin.

Pros & cons

  • QuasarCoin targets the travelers industry as well as tradefair
  • The coin is environmentally friendly
  • Not too popular at all, as only one crypto exchange hosts the coin