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Review on Qubitica by Ernesto Palma

Qubitica: allows the direct participation of developers, in order to achieve an ecosystem.

Qubitica (QBIT): is a project that allows the direct participation of developers, to achieve an ecosystem based on the development of an entire platform of encrypted information and with an average performance in the general market, its block creation models are created based on various orders that are executed online, with a commercial ideal that has its own technology of creation, is a decentralized project that allows increasingly improve the network and expects better results in the market, its commercial objective is the direct creation of project with its technology and tools can create all kinds of modules and protocols that are executable in various web environments, with many years in the market and with an important position in the digital world, its integration with the cryptographic world lies directly in the application of the use of the blockchain network as the main channel, and improving the security parameters applied in electronic commerce, its level of liquidity is complete with the support of various security protocols, with a significant number of affiliations to their services.

Pros & cons

  • It is a project focused directly on its own development, with remarkable tools and features.
  • It allows a free market with its mechanisms as it is an open project that allows a high level of security and financial operations.
  • It has a section of services and development of small software that works based on its design.
  • It is not as popular as it would like to be, but it has to improve and place new ideals as a renovate project, the most interesting projects are those that are in constant renovation.