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Review on XRP by James joseph


Hi I would love to make an important review on XRP I would share some interesting review base on my experience about the digital token my first purchase of XRP was late 2020 where I made purchase from a crypto base exchange platform initial I had no idea about the normal charge of 20xrp which is a normal way of securing the digital network security.

For a new users when buying XRP token for the first time you should take note of initial charge of extra 20 XRP which will be deducted from your bought token.

Ripple also known as XRP is an open source payment system and digital currency the digital payment system was initiated with the aim of tackling regular payment system such as helping users easy rigorous process involved in making/conducting transaction from either paypal and other western union system which makes inconsiderate charges and restrictions for making payments to other regional users.

In general also ripple aims to work with banking system in other to facilitate cross boarder transaction.

XRP token

A native cryptocurrency and a consensus ledger like other digital currency it's can be used by both investment and traders to conduct business and personal transaction currently XRP is virtually listed in multiple exchange platform for day to day trading used for making purchase of product and online services it's transaction speed is very fast with low transaction fee thousands of transaction can be executed in seconds.

Use case of XRP

1. Slow settlement speed; with the introduction of digital currency transaction speed among investors are now processed at a fast rate ripples digital blockchain can handle thousand of transaction in seconds.

2. Operation cost; there is much drastic cut down of transaction fee for making transaction on ripple blockchain.

3. Payment failure: using xrp token for making transaction eliminate the need for worry over transaction delay delivery.


Although XRP market seems to be unstable where there have been drastic drop in token price in the market the platform is very transparent and also considered as legal investment token for investors.

Pros & cons

  • Well recognize and recommended digital currency traded on multiple exchange platform with multiple pairs.
  • Supported by multiple investors a virtual means of conducting transaction at fast and low fee
  • A secure investment asset for investors and traders
  • Fast payment delivery
  • Unstable price control