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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of SafeCoin

SafeCoin (SAFE) is a cryptocurrency . SafeCoin has a current supply of 29,739,166.606595 with 27,735,062.61 in circulation. The last known price of SafeCoin is 0.09067143 USD and is down -18.46 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 17 active market(s) with $321.75 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://www.safecoin.org/.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Made by allies at the regional level.

Keeping the confidentiality of our online transactions an important requirement. To ensure this, a cryptographic phase has been set up to provide protection and protection that does not approve of customer activity. For example, Komodo and ZCash work with Cears and Organic to work with each other on a chain of decentralized monetary institutions made up of Security Guidelines. It consists of the Baso Security Conventions, the Bear and the Biology system, which work well in various chains of o

  • Secret organizations united between networks
  • Add to the security of your tasks
  • Quick piece
  • Businesses that are accepted as ZCASH have protection.
  • Of course, the organic structure is additionally growing.
  • Business adaptation and income are very low.

Keeping the confidentiality of our e-commerce transactions is considered a necessary requirement. To ensure this, a cryptographic platform has been created to protect the privacy and privacy of business-minded users; this is called SafeCoin. SafeCoin is a digital protocol based on the implementation of technological security equipment, the main part of which prevents the transfer of infrastructure to the artel entrance and the transfer of information to the artel entrance; at a level that is…

  • It was created as a decentralized business without ICOs or personal contracts.
  • It calls for more multilateralism than unions.
  • ZCASH-like tests have a security feature.
  • Financial distribution (security) is completely limited.
  • This connection calls for confirmation, a more convenient tool than mining in general.
  • Because the work is based on plans, a significant portion of the savings are limited.
  • The ecosystem is also evolving.
  • The availability of trade and project currencies is very low.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

SafeCoin is really Safe in terms of payment!

There are so many crypto coins available with the name of "Safe" such as SafeMoon, SafeMars, SafeGalaxy etc they are all new coins came into existence few days or weeks ago. But, the SafeCoin is present here in crypto market from last 2 Years and counting. The creators of this coin focused mainly on the fast and transparent payment. As per CoinMarketCap the fully diluted market cap of SafeCoin is around $600k which is ultimate for a small coin. While writing this review the value of every…

  • Fully Safe as it Says by Name
  • Fast Payment
  • Accuracy
  • No available on Multi Exchanges

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Safe Access for All 'Safecoin'

Safecoin is a currency paid for a network of extra hard drive space, processing power, and data connectivity of its users. The purpose of this company is to protect data storage companies that are currently in use from dangers such as hacking. The company that launched Safecoin is called MaidSafe. MaidSafe's aim is to make the internet a decentralized system. In SafeCoin operation, the "nodes", that is, the computers of the users, help the Safecoin system to operate smoothly by allowing the…

  • Hidden networks jointly created between networks
  • Anonymous data sharing
  • Double spend system
  • The future is definitely bright
  • People may not trust the system if data sharing is in control of the company

Revainrating 3 out of 5

computerized convention that enforces security components.

Hello dear. This time I'm going to tell you what I know more about the SafeCoin project. The project is believed to have been developed by allies at the Regional level. We all know that keeping our online transactions confidential is an important requirement. I wonder if the creation of a cryptographic phase to provide protection that does not endorse the customer's work is a great positive for those who have created this project. The only thing that attracts the attention of customers is that…

  • is to provide organizations that use continuous information on threats.
  • This organization will now protect organizations that use data from threats like programmers.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

SafeCoin is genuinely Ensured similar to portion!

There are so various crypto coins open with the name of "Protected, for instance, SafeMoon, SafeMars, SafeGalaxy, etc they are overall new coins seemed very few days or weeks earlier.  In any case, the SafeCoin is accessible here in crypto market from latest 2 Years to say the very least. The creators of this coin focused in basically on the fast and direct portion.  As indicated by CoinMarketCap the totally debilitated market cap of SafeCoin is around $600k which is outrag

  • Totally Secured as it Says by Name
  • Speedy Portion
  • Exactness
  • No open on Multi Exchanges

Started beginning at 2018, the SafeCoin project was made from the neighborhood, as to allow decentralized amounting to natural framework where all individuals will get fair benefits when executing a validator on the association. Made out of Safety Shows from Adventures Baso like Komodo and ZCash, with that of Cears and Organic framework that reasonable with Defi shows and has interoperably in various chains of decentralized financial organizations, with the promontrato balances still ci

  • Arranged as a decentralized endeavor without ICO or private arrangements.
  • It offers more imperative versatility of resources on the association than Solana.
  • It has a security feature of adventures apparent as ZCASH.
  • The scattering of the money of the assignment (security) is totally confined.
  • It proposes the instrument of validators in the association that generally practical than a mining structure.
  • Being an assignment based endeavor, a critical piece of the endeavor saves are confined.
  • In reality, even the natural framework is being created.
  • Business flexibility and availability of adventure cash is incredibly low.

Begun starting at 2018, the SafeCoin project was created from the local area, so as to permit decentralized adding up to biological system where all members will acquire evenhanded advantages when executing a validator on the organization. Made out of Security Conventions from Ventures Baso like Komodo and ZCash, with that of Cears and Biological system that viable with Defi conventions and has interoperably in different chains of decentralized monetary administrations, with the promontr

  • Planned as a decentralized venture without ICO or private deals.
  • It offers more noteworthy adaptability of assets on the organization than Solana.
  • It has a security highlight of ventures perceived as ZCASH.
  • The dissemination of the cash of the task (protection) is completely restricted.
  • It proposes the instrument of validators in the organization that most economical than a mining framework.
  • Being a task based venture, a significant part of the undertaking reserves are restricted.
  • Indeed, even the biological system is being developed.
  • Business versatility and accessibility of venture cash is extremely low.

Started as of 2018, the SafeCoin project was developed from the community, in such a way as to allow decentralized totaling ecosystem where all participants will obtain equitable benefits when executing a validator on the network. Composed of Privacy Protocols from Projects Baso such as Komodo and ZCash, with that of Cears and Ecosystem that compatible with Defi protocols and has interoperably in other chains of decentralized financial services, with the promontrato fins still mayor the demand…

  • Designed as a decentralized project without ICO or private sales.
  • It offers greater flexibility of resources on the network than Solana.
  • It has a privacy feature of projects recognized as ZCASH.
  • The circulation of the currency of the project (insurance) is fully limited.
  • It proposes the mechanism of validators in the network that least expensive than a mining system.
  • Being a project-based project, much of the project funds are limited.
  • Even the ecosystem is in development.
  • Commercial mobility and availability of project currency is very low.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

designed to guarantee a safe and comfortable protocol

Maintaining the privacy of our e-commerce transactions is a vital necessity. To guarantee this premise, a cryptographic platform has been created focused on maintaining the anonymity and the protection of the information of the commercial operations of the users; this is known as SafeCoin. SafeCoin is a digital protocol whose infrastructure is fundamentally based on implementing technological security mechanisms that prevent the public exposure of the information contained in the processing…

  • Promote the protection of your data on trading platforms
  • Contribute to the security of your operations
  • Serves as a cryptographic gateway for trusted exchanges
  • Offers a built-in secure wallet that facilitates payments and storage of digital currencies
  • Anonymous and private payments
  • Currency value subject to market variation