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Review on SCRIV NETWORK by Özgün A

What is Scriv ?

SCRIV is an open source data assurance, validation and timestamp technology.
In combination with IPFS technology, SCRIV NETWORK provides security, neutrality and cost-effective data validation without the need for third-party interactions.
So why should I choose 'Scriv'?
Current services cannot provide acceptable performance and pricing for daily use. Based on the secure Dash source code, our network, organized by miners and main nodes, can process more than 1000 data units per minute. SCRIV can be easily integrated into institutions in any legal, educational or business field. I believe this cryptocurrency will develop further

Updated 8 months ago
Rating has not been changed

I wrote that Scriv's integrable structure is very good, but I think I was wrong. Many businesses have tried and have been disappointed. Or they were insecure about allowing the system. The transaction volume has dropped considerably and is still falling. Its value is also falling. Today alone it has lost about 20% in value. This is a very strange situation. Why did the system we thought was good start going bad? One of the goals of the Scriv team was to be listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges. But it is listed on very few cryptocurrency exchanges. Although they set their growth year as 2021, I think they have no chance against other cryptocurrencies.

Pros & cons

  • StackOfStake
  • Universal Miner
  • Trading algorithms
  • low awareness
Bünyamin Sevinç
November 27, 2020
I see it as one of the biggest reasons why it is more preferred to be integrated into institutions easily. Your sight about Scriv really enlightened me, my friend. You deserve more attention. Thank you.