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Review on SCRIV NETWORK by gregori cordova

a new project, with valuable features to offer to the community

Most of the projects based on blockchain technology are intended to serve as payment methods, to perform increasingly fast transactions, or to serve as bridges between the crypto market and the financial system of the real world. There are very few projects that have a comprehensive platform dedicated to providing crypto enthusiasts with powerful tools to venture further into this fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. In this context, I want to talk about Scriv network, a project that aims to provide users with very valuable characteristics, in a complete and multifunctional ecosystem, where they can enjoy passive profits when staking through its stackofstake program, or highly transactions. fast, as they are based on the base DAsh algorithm. But one of its main characteristics is that they have a master node program in which Scriv users can receive up to 30% of the reward per block. Masternodes on any platform tend to have a high price, but with scriv network there is a promotion of up to 6 free months of masternodes when participating in their buy'nhodl event by purchasing a minimum amount of 100,000 Scriv.

The project has good support from the community, and there is good movement in their social networks, which is a very valuable aspect so that a project can reach more and more places. The fact that its base code is the DASh algorithm makes Scriv network a highly scalable project with a great future in the cryptographic environment.

Pros & cons

  • They have a free wallet that can be downloaded directly on their platform and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.
  • By participating in the Buy'nHodl event offered by the platform, users can get up to 6 free months as a masternode by purchasing a minimum of 100,000 SCRIV tokens
  • The project is based on the DASh code which allows to enjoy extremely fast and economical transactions
  • According to their roadmap, they have fulfilled in the stipulated time, with some of their main objectives
  • It has a very low volume of daily transactions
  • It is available on very few exchanges with dubious reputations